OK. FINE. I will finally create an ‘about’ page. But I will not be original. Oh, no. Instead I will rip off the ‘100 things’ list that is already used on approximately EVERY BLOG EVER CREATED. So there.

1. I live in Massachusetts.

2. But I grew up in New Jersey.

3. I moved here for college (Boston University) and never moved back.

4. I was an overachiever through elementary, middle, and high school.

5. But not so much in college (although I didn’t flunk out or anything – I just didn’t get straight A’s.)

6. This possibly has to do with the fact that I worked full time while going to school full time in order to pay the bills sent by said (overpriced, snotty) school.

7. I learned a lot about myself and came out of school with more budgeting, time management, and general life skills than many of my classmates. (That sounds snotty. But when you consider how many of my classmates had trust funds and Daddy’s credit cards…)

8. I’ve worked for the same company since I was 16 years old.

9. Obviously, I am not working in the same position as I was when I was 16.

10. I like the company that I work for. It’s a large retail company, and currently I work at the corporate office doing marketing. But that’s all I’ll say about my job.

11. My oldest friend (I mean, she’s been my friend the longest. She’s not old.) is Liz. She is currently a PhD candidate at Stanford. In Chemistry. She’s wicked smaht.

12. Liz is the only person I know who is more bitter and sarcastic than I am. I admire her for that.

13. She’s also really pretty and funny, and she actually LIKES to exercise.

14. But I knew her when she had braces and bad hair and no self-confidence, so it’s ok that she’s perfect now.

15. She’s the only person from my high school that I actually keep in touch with.

16. My brother goes to that high school now.

17. He’s 16.

18. He’s my only sibling.

19. I used to think he was a demon child but now I think he’s pretty neat.

20. I love to read. I would read all day if I could.

21. I read really fast. Matt says that it freaks him out to look at my eyes when I’m reading because they move really really fast.

22. Matt’s my boyfriend. He’s awesome.

23. We bought a house in June of 2006.

24. Holy stress, Batman! But it was worth it.

25. Even though now we’re kind of poor.

26. Is this list really only 1/4 over? You’ve got to be kidding?

27. I like ice cream. A LOT.

28. But I don’t really like other sweets all that much. I mean, I might eat it if it’s there, but I never really crave cookies or brownies or cake.

29. Chips (and other salty things), on the other hand, might be my life’s nemesis.

30. I am notoriously bad at cooking.

31. But I like to bake.

32. I am also a really picky eater.

33. Matt’s even pickier than I am.

34. I am really pale.

35. And I never tan. If I forget to wear sunblock, I will be burned inside of 15 minutes.

36. I used to say that I wouldn’t mind being so pale if I was a redhead.

37. Being a redhead would have also taken me one step closer to becoming Anne of Green Gables.

38. I really wanted to be her. (All right, fine, I still do want to be her.)

39. Instead I just walked around moaning that I was “in the depths of despair.” And reading the books over and over.

40. I love holidays.

41. Halloween and Christmas are tied for favorite holiday. Because I can’t decide what I like more, dressing up or presents. It’s a hard decision.

42. New Years is also high up on the list.

43. But only because my birthday is on New Years Eve.

44. I have some weird fears. One of them is a fear of boats.

45. I know how to swim. I don’t know why they terrify me so much. But I can not get on a boat without having a completely melt down.

46. I had a teacher in high school who told me that I didn’t like boats because I had been on the Titanic in a previous life. She was a little… um… wacko?

47. Another weird fear is a fear of parking garages. I hate them beyond words.

48. I also hate beetles. But I don’t really care about spiders. I think it’s the crunch factor of the beetle that freaks me out. Also, as Ray Romano would say, “I don’t know if it has the gift of flight.”

49. I love stand-up comedy. Even if it’s bad, it’s not really, because you can always find something to laugh at.

50. Is this list really only 1/2 over? How do all you other bloggers have so much damn stuff to write about??

51. I’m a total klutz.

52. My first broken bone occurred while jumping off the monkey bars in 4th grade. (Right ankle. Rainbow cast.)

53. Another incident occured when I (stupidly) wrapped the dog’s leash around my wrist. The dog wanted to eat the cat across the street. The dog also weighed more than me. (Right wrist. I think the cast was pink.)

54. I also broke my right arm at work when a case of paper fell on it. I did not sue, because I am cool like that. I did have to wear a sling, which sucked a lot.

55. The worst injury was to my right ankle when I was in 7th grade. I was in gym class and some kid twice my size ran into me while we were playing kickball. I fell and my ankle twisted in a way that ankles are not meant to twist. It was broken in 3 places and I was on crutches for EIGHT. WEEKS.

56. Less than two weeks after that cast came off, I stepped in front of my mom while she was carrying a pot spaghetti to the sink to drain. The water was boiling. It spilled over the edge of the pot and onto the same damn leg that just got out of the cast.

57. As a result of that incident, I am absolutely terrified of hot things.

58. I wear pot holders on both hands whenever I use the stove or oven.

59. Apparently, it is weird to use pot holders when putting something in the oven, because the pot/pan is not yet hot.

60. However, I don’t think it’s weird because, hello, the oven is hot, and do I not seem like the type to accidentally¬†touch the side/door/tray to the oven? I would like a little protection in case that happens, thankyouverymuch.

61. My favorite color is pink.

62. I have horrible vision.

63. I’ve been wearing contacts since before I turned 8.

64. I NEVER wear my glasses.

65. I really want laser surgery someday, but I am kind of a wimp about it. (It’s my EYE!!)

66. I dream a lot.

67. Or maybe I dream an average amount, but I remember more of my dreams than most people?

68. I have a lot of dreams of people chasing me or where I am trying to stop some disaster from happening.

69. These dreams don’t stress me out at all. I wake up thinking, “Huh. Cool.” instead of being scared.

70. I also have a lot of dreams where I have super powers – usually the ability to fly or to be invisible.

71. I don’t think that my dreams have any secret meaning. People frequently try to tell me that my dreams mean that I am stressed out or scared of something, but I think they just mean that I watch a lot of 24 and action movies.

72. I also talk in my sleep.

73. The most interesting thing that I’ve said in my sleep (that I know of) was a time that I said to Matt, “You’re just a pile of bolts waiting in a parking lot to receive a task.” Just try and read some meaning into that – I dare ya.

74. I also woke myself (and Matt) up once with a bloodcurdling scream. When he asked what I was dreaming about, the only thing I could remember was walking in a cornfield.

75. This list has got to be more than 3/4 over. I’ve written AT LEAST 500 things! Damn you, list!!

76. I don’t floss.

77. And I don’t lie to the dentist about it. I feel that he should know the true state of my oral hygiene so as to take appropriate measures.

78. My last name is very complicated.

79. It is Czech in origin.

80. It is 11 letters long.

81. No one can ever spell it or pronounce it.

82. I had imaginary friends when I was little.

83. One of them was an imaginary pet rock.

84. I wish I was making that up.

85. The other ones were tigers.

86. I am an exceptionally good french braider. If you ever need something french braided, I am your girl.

87. My favorite artist is Jack Vettriano.

88. “Back Where You Belong,” “Dance Me to the End of Love,” and “The Waltzers” are my favorite painting of his.

89. I love Peanuts. The comics, not the food.

90. I really identify with Lucy. ‘Cause she’s bitchy.

91. I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV as a kid.

92. Basically, if it wasn’t on PBS, I didn’t watch it.

93. So I missed out on a lot of 80’s culture.

94. I love my TiVo like it’s a family member.

95. I’m allergic to candy dots. You know, that candy that comes stuck to paper.

96. My doctor is also pretty sure that I’m allergic to Tylenol. Which is pretty freaking weird, I think.

97. I hold my pen differently than most people. I hold the pen in between my index and middle fingers instead of between my thumb and index finger.

98. I want to go on a game show. I think I would kick some ass at Wheel of Fortune.

99. I also love board games. Cranium is my favorite. I also like Balderdash and Othello.

100. The list is over! The list is over! You cannot possibly want to know anything more about me. THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO TELL.