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Don’t underestimate the power stripe.

We’ve been working on learning a lot of Hustle steps in dance class lately. Hustle is a lot of fun – it’s fast, it looks really cool and impressive, and there are a lot of interesting steps – but it is also HARD. As in, after a class my feet are in agony (because I stay on the balls on my feet the whole time in order to keep momentum, heels never touch the floor) and believe it or not my abs actually hurt (from keeping perfect posture – again, it’s a momentum thing).

So last night we were working on a few new moves (yes, we went to dance class even though I was half on my deathbed – mostly because I somehow forgot that we had a lesson until 10 minutes before we had to leave, and it was too late to cancel) and one of them was a move that if Matt doesn’t do properly, he basically ends up strangling me. All of the moves have names, but sometimes I can’t remember them all, so I make up my own. I call this one ‘Lady gets strangled.’

After we worked on trying NOT to strangle me, we then worked on two more moves. In one of them, Matt turns me to the outside; in the other, he turns me to the inside. He was having trouble leading them and remembering which one went which way. Finally, he asked me how I can always remember the difference between the two when he has no clue.

“Well,” I said, “remember how I make up my own names for certain moves so that I can remember how to do them?”


“Well, in my head I think of these two moves as ‘Smell Matt’s Armpit’ and ‘Get Away from Matt’s Smelly Armpit’. Because, you know, in the first one I am coming towards you and the second one I am turning away.”

“That’s so offensive I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Well, to be fair, it’s usually more like ‘Smell Matt’s Deodorant’. That’s some really powerful stuff you’re using, you know.”


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Huh. Who knew that was even a real word? I thought I’d just type in some lame ass attempt at the spelling and you’d guess what I meant, but it turns out there’s a real live spelling. I’m really classin’ this place up, what with the big words and the spelling them correctly.


Do you like pumpkin food items? By this I mean, do you have to resist the urge to cram your mouth/stomach/jiggly thighs with pumpkin muffins/pies/cakes/etc this time of year? Because I do. I love it all. Surprisingly, pumpkin pie is probably my least favorite of all the pumpkin offerings, but I start salivating at the mere thought of pumpkin muffins, donuts, and lattes. YUM.

If you are anything like me when it comes to the pumpkin-love, you should make this recipe. I found it via Lawyerish, and when she described scraping some pumpkin loaf remnants off of her oven racks to eat them, I knew this was a recipe for me.

A word of caution: if you are going to make this pumpkin loaf, make sure you have to leave the house to attend a party approximately ten minutes after said loaf is removed from the oven. Also be sure to bring the loaf with you to the party; even though you will find yourself drooling over the smell of the loaf coming from the back seat, this is a far better alternative to stuffing the entire delicious, pumpkiny thing into your gaping maw.


Speaking of parties, we went to the annual Halloween bash thrown by Matt’s family on Saturday night. As usual, it was awesome, and made more awesome by the fact that we won top prize in the costume contest. Usually the prizes are somewhat lacking, but this year we were the recipients of a cold hard cash prize. Sweet.

We boogied the night away and sweat our asses off (seriously, polyester has got some major insulating powers, what were those 70’s era people thinking??) and had a damn good time.


Answer me this:

Why do women think that the very essence of Halloween is to dress up in the sluttiest outfit they can find? If it’s really that necessary for you to embrace your inner hooker, I know a street corner that you can stand on. But I think even a real hooker would leave more to the imagination.

And while we’re at it, why do the companies that make costumes have such a difficult time with boundaries on these slutty costumes? Now it’s not enough to be a witch, you have to be a sexy witch. Or a naughty nurse. Or a sultry vampire. I guess this would be fine if they hadn’t taken to bastardizing every other genre out there. I’m pretty sure that Little Red Riding Hood didn’t wear thigh highs and a garter belt. I’m also fairly certain that Gretel never went out with her ass crack showing.

Also, if we’re assuming that based on their Halloween attire, all women want to be hookers, then apparently all men want to cross dress. Because men seem to think that they should all dress as women for Halloween. As if you wearing boobs is going to get you any closer to mine. Um, no.


This nearly made me pee my pants this morning. I think that H’s sense of humor is very similar to Matt’s, which is probably why I find this to be so darn funny. And of course, I love me some -R-, too.


Is it wrong that after the Red Sox won the World Series last night, I was less excited about the win than about the fact that I can finally start going to bed at a reasonable hour? There are many things that I do not understand in the world, not the least of which is WHY AN 8PM START, FOX? WHY? You suck. Do you need more time to stick Jeanne Zelasko’s finger in a socket? Is that what it is? Seriously, what are you doing to that poor woman’s head?


…Aaaand, that’s all I’ve got.

Happy Monday! May the week pass swiftly!


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Halloween, part one of many

Last night Matt and I had our first opportunity to wear our Halloween costumes at the party at our dance school. Even though the set-up is somewhat similar to a middle school dance (no drinking, but plenty of punch and cake; decorations from the dollar store; party games to get everyone involved) we had a really good time last year, and this year did not disappoint either.

Our costumes were definitely well received, especially since people actually broke into spontaneous applause for us when we walked in the door. We did some good disco moves and boogied the night away as good disco dancers should. Then tomorrow night we’re going to the big party that Matt’s family throws every year. They rent out a hall and there’s a band and a bar – these people know how to party.

Today I am sleepwalking my way through work, as I am an old, decrepit lady who cannot party on a Thursday night anymore, even if said party is over at 11 and said lady is in her bed watching game 2 of the World Series by 11:30. And today I will also be the miserly old lady who does not give out candy to her co-workers’ kids, because I do not believe that children should be at work. Unfortunately, our company disagrees, and actually encourages people to bring their rug-rats little cherubs in for a party and to trick-or-treat. Keep those grubby little hands out of my cubicle, is all I’m sayin’.

Really, it’s not that I have anything against kids, and I think we all know that I have nothing against Halloween… I just really don’t think that it’s reasonable to expect to get work done when there are kids yelling their way through the halls. Kids will be kids, and you can’t expect them to be quiet, but I have stuff to do before I can go enjoy the weekend, and I’d like a little peace and quiet.

Hello. Am Scrooge.

Anyway, have a happy Halloween weekend! I hope it’s groovy.

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Got my dancin’ shoes…

Matt and I have been taking dance lessons for a little over a year now, but we’d never bothered to buy real ballroom dance shoes. They’re pretty expensive, and most of the time the types of shoes I wear to work are OK for dancing in. Also, Matt was afraid that they’d make him look like a total sissy (and really, many of the styles of men’s shoes are not what you’d call macho).

Well since we’ve been learning more advanced things, our instructor strongly recommended that we buy ballroom shoes. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but finally this weekend we went to a local dance store and decided to make the leap. Of course, I had to try on 30 pairs to find some that fit and were comfortable and weren’t completely ugly. Matt bought the first pair he tried on.

But, even though I had to try on many pairs, I am truly a believer now. The shoes I bought are strappy black sandals with a stiletto heel – shoes that would normally leave me hobbling after walking for 5 minutes, let alone dancing for hours. They are made to be really light, but they have some kind of metal that runs through the bottom of the shoe that makes them supportive and flexible. At least that’s what they claim – all I care about is that they don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t turn despite the stiletto factor.  Lo, it is a miracle.

They also have suede soles, which seemed strange but actually helps you to turn really easily. You have to be really careful with them though (no walking outside, or on basically any surface other than dance floor or carpet).

Anyway, I know this is a really boring entry, but I’m pretty excited about my special new shoes!


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Error by Omission

[Side note: we passed our dance test last night! But sadly I was mistaken and they don’t take video of us, so you don’t get to see us dance. You’ll have to trust me that we were really good.]

I first started this site on a whim. I’d been reading a few blogs for a while and thought it sounded like something I’d like to try. I may not write the next Great American Novel, but I enjoy writing and it never hurts to have an outlet for complaining.

So, when I started this site 10 months ago (holy shit has it been that long??), I planned to be completely anonymous. Since then the only person (Only person who knows me in real life, that is) who I’ve told about this site is Liz. She also has a blog, although she started it to keep in touch with friends and family so it’s more private which is why I’ve never linked to it. It’s a great way to keep in touch, and I like that she reads what I write here.

This was all a very roundabout way of getting to my problem: I’ve never told Matt about this blog.

Uhhhh… oops?

I’m feeling very guilty about this because it really seems like something he should know, right? The reason that I didn’t tell him originally was because I wasn’t sure I would keep up with it… and I thought he would make fun of me. But now, I really feel like I should tell him. The question is – how? I admit I feel a little awkward saying, “Hi Honey! Did you know I have a web site?” Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of this than it really is; it’s not like I have a ton of people reading or anything.

What do you suggest?


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At least I do not have to pull an all nighter studying for this test.

Tonight in dance class Matt and I are ‘testing out’ of our level. The studio that we go to is a franchise of a nationwide chain of dance studios. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would like this, because it seems a little bit similar to going to the Olive Garden instead of that cute little family owned Italian place. But, who am I kidding, we frequently go to the Olive Garden and probably wouldn’t set foot in that cute little Italian place for fear that we wouldn’t like the food.

Anyway, my point was that because these studios are part of a larger company, they have a fairly structured program, with levels and checklists and whatnot. For the record, I love this because it helps us to measure our progress and it gives my type A side a little thrill to be able to check things off. This is not to say that we can’t learn things at our own pace or that it is so structured as to be rigid – I don’t want to misrepresent this program – just that it gives you a way to naturally build and progress and not skip around.

So, tonight we are testing out of our level into the next one. I’m kind of excited because this means that we can start learning some really new moves, instead of just variations on the ones that we know. I’m not really nervous about passing this test, because we did a practice run at our last lesson and our instructor said that we would have passed with flying colors if it had been a real test. Although, I have to say that I’m not really wild about people watching us… I KNOW – that seems completely ridiculous, but what I mean is that I am not wild about people watching us with a judging eye. Normally we either dance around people from the dance studio (who are concentrating on their own dancing) or around friends or family, who don’t know a box step from a cuban walk and who are impressed with anything that we do.

So fingers crossed that all goes well. I think they actually record us and if that is the case I believe we also get a copy of said film. If I can figure out how, I might (NO PROMISES) post the video here. We’ll have to see, because I’m just not sure that the internets is ready for that sight!


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Marathon Monday

Today is Marathon Monday here in Boston, MA, which means that it is probably not a good day for us to be having a Nor’easter… but that’s what we’re having anyway, so for all those people running today, well, it sucks to be them. Matt informed me last night that since it was going to rain he wasn’t going to run the marathon after-all:

Me: Oh? You were planning on running the marathon tomorrow?

Matt: Yeah, I mean, I figured the first 6.2 miles would be easy, but those last 20 would just be a bitch. So I’m going to skip it, I guess. But I might change my mind tomorrow.

Yeah, right.

In case you were wondering, my visit with Brother and Brother’s Girlfriend went very well – especially once I realized that they really like sitting around doing almost nothing (Hey! Must be genetic!) and I didn’t need to entertain them 24 hours a day. We did go to the Museum of Science, which was really fun, and I kicked their asses at Mario Party 6 and Uno. Ah, sweet victory.

They left on Friday afternoon. Well, actually, they almost didn’t because the weird bus driver didn’t want to let them on the bus. Something about reserved tickets (which they had) but apparently the bus driver didn’t think that they did. I straightened it out for them but it was kind of a giant pain in the ass and entirely unnecessary. However, the visit was good and apparently they had a really good time so all is well.

On Saturday Matt and I went to his grandmother’s 85th birthday party. It was held at a hall with a bar and a band so it was really fun. We got to show off our dance moves, which was really fun – although at the end of several hours of dancing I thought my legs and feet were going to fall off! We also got a little surprise when we found out that Matt’s parents have been taking dance lessons. They were really cute about it; just like us they didn’t want to tell anyone right away because they weren’t sure if they were going to be any good. However, we definitely noticed (the dead giveaway was watching Matt’s Dad count out the steps!) and they were really happy when we asked if they’d been taking lessons. Look at what trendsetters we are!

Now I’m back at work and it’s gloomy and I had 247 unread e-mails after only 3 days out of the office (5 if you count the weekend but I don’t because it’s not a work day). There is not enough coffee in all the land to get me through this day… but I’m going to try.

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