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I know you didn’t think I was a ‘look on the bright side’ kind of person.

Oh, Internet. I’m unhappy. Really really unhappy. I know that I should be able to, but I just can’t seem to separate work happiness from personal happiness. Or, in this case, unhappiness. And really, how many times can I use some form of the word ‘happy’ in paragraph that is meant to describe how miserable I am?

(Warning : sweeping generalizations ahead.) My boss has this theory that guys are better able to separate business from personal than women are. That’s how they can sit in a conference room yelling at each other and then walk out, slap each other on the back, and set up a time to play golf. If you yell at a woman, you are not getting back on her good side that easily. Unless it is with flowers. Or some jewelry. And even then she is still likely to never forget it.

I have to say that I agree with this theory.  But the description I gave makes it sound like women are wimpy and can’t handle a business environment, which isn’t true at all. I think women actually have the better approach, because we recognize that work is such a big part of our lives that it IS personal. We know that people are not just desk-sitting drones and that they have feelings and lives outside of work. And I think that’s important. I just think it sucks in situations like the one I am in now, where I wish that I could turn off my emotions and just show up to work and do the job asked of me, nothing more and nothing less.

The problem is that my feelings right now are not in the category of ‘motivated and pleasant to be around.’ They are running the gamut from sad to angry to extremely freakin’ pissed off. Which makes me just a delight to be around, I’m sure. I’m trying not to bring this stuff home with me… but I’m sure Matt would tell you that I am failing miserably.

I’m sorry that I don’t have anything better to say. I’m sure I should be thinking positive, or looking for the silver lining, or some such bullshit. But I can’t. And I won’t. At least not right now. Right now I need to wallow in this suckitude and complain about it and possibly drink a margarita.

A very LARGE margarita. And maybe if it came with an extra large amount of tequila, that could be my silver lining.



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Holding up my middle finger at life in general.

You know what? I’m in a really craptastic mood. I know – this is a common occurance. But for once, I think I’m highly justified in this sentiment.

First – do you want to know what really sucks? What really sucks is when you’ve been doing work WAY above your level since, I don’t know, JANUARY and yet no one will give you a raise even though they all agree you deserve one and now there is a hiring freeze but there’s also been a re-org so your co-worker got moved to a different team without anyone even asking her and now you also get to both her job and yours for the same amount of money.

You know what ELSE sucks? Going to your boyfriend’s cousin’s bridal shower and having every single person there ask you at least twice when you are getting married. Umm, possibly never after the way your son/cousin/brother reacted to my griping about the work situation. But guess what! It’s none of your goddamn business anyway! So how ’bout you bite me?

OR, you know what is really incredibly awesome? Having one of your boyfriend’s relatives lecture you about the fact that you are going to visit your best friend  in the town you grew up in but you haven’t told your family that you are going to be there. First of all, how the hell did you entrap me in THAT particular conversation? Second, what on earth gave you the idea that it was OK to lecture me about it? You can bite me, too.

This week is on notice. Something GOOD better happen – and we’re talking lottery ticket good, not just good hair day good – to make up for this bullshit.


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Topics for Discussion

Topic: Who dresses Cat Deeley? On Wednesday she was dressed for a toga party; last night she was playing the part of Thumbelina. (Except that she is 7 feet tall.) Discuss.

Topic: Why are 4 out of 5 of the elevators in this wing of the building broken? Why is the stairwell so damn hot? Why do the broken elevators directly coincide with the time that I need to go to many different floors of this building? Discuss.

Topic: Why did my workout on Monday leave me with some kind of pulled muscle type thing, resulting in, quite literally, a pain in my ass? (OK, so it’s really a pain in the upper part of the back of my leg, which I think is a hamstring, but whatever.) Discuss.

Topic: Is it wrong if I just get a gift card for Matt’s cousin’s bridal shower gift? Because honestly, I just cannot be bothered with your damn registry. Plus, they sell Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards at Stop and Shop and then I don’t have to worry about what if I get you some towels, but then you also registered for some washcloths and do I look cheap if I don’t get you those too? But since your damn towels already cost me fifty bucks I really don’t think  need to get you some washcloths. And do you really need new towels? JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOUR TOWELS DON’T WORK ANYMORE.  Geez. Discuss.


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Got my dancin’ shoes…

Matt and I have been taking dance lessons for a little over a year now, but we’d never bothered to buy real ballroom dance shoes. They’re pretty expensive, and most of the time the types of shoes I wear to work are OK for dancing in. Also, Matt was afraid that they’d make him look like a total sissy (and really, many of the styles of men’s shoes are not what you’d call macho).

Well since we’ve been learning more advanced things, our instructor strongly recommended that we buy ballroom shoes. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but finally this weekend we went to a local dance store and decided to make the leap. Of course, I had to try on 30 pairs to find some that fit and were comfortable and weren’t completely ugly. Matt bought the first pair he tried on.

But, even though I had to try on many pairs, I am truly a believer now. The shoes I bought are strappy black sandals with a stiletto heel – shoes that would normally leave me hobbling after walking for 5 minutes, let alone dancing for hours. They are made to be really light, but they have some kind of metal that runs through the bottom of the shoe that makes them supportive and flexible. At least that’s what they claim – all I care about is that they don’t hurt, and my ankles don’t turn despite the stiletto factor.  Lo, it is a miracle.

They also have suede soles, which seemed strange but actually helps you to turn really easily. You have to be really careful with them though (no walking outside, or on basically any surface other than dance floor or carpet).

Anyway, I know this is a really boring entry, but I’m pretty excited about my special new shoes!


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Will you HURRY UP already?

Have you finished Harry Potter yet? Because I have, but I know the wrath that I will incur if I give anything away. So I won’t.

But I will say that I loved it. I bought it on Saturday morning, and was super pissed that I had to like, be social and stuff and like, go to a barbecue and then to a friend’s party, and geez, why can’t you just leave me alone so I can read?

So I started it late on Sunday morning. With breaks for lunch and for the doing of laundry and running a few errands… I was done by 6:30. Am freak, no? But I’m glad because I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AND YOU DON’T.

As I e-mailed to Lori this morning, I’m really not a Harry Potter freak… I mean, it’s totally cool if YOU want to dress up and paint your face and show up at midnight… but it’s just not for me. However, I read the first Harry Potter book before they were even popular (based on a random online recommendation) so I feel like I have a bit of a special kinship with Harry. Like, I liked him FIRST, so back off. You know how it is.

I will share one funny conversation that I had with Matt while reading the book, but I promise not to give anything away:

Me: Oh no! So-and-so just died!

(That’s not giving anything away, right? I mean, you had to know that at some point, SOMEONE was going to die…)

Matt: *with absolutely no interest whatsoever* Oh. That’s nice.

Me: No it’s not! It’s sad!

Matt: Well, it’s not called Harry Potter and the Lively Hallows, now is it?

Happy reading, folks!


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Pretty Please

So Sognatrice had this great meme today over at her blog and I am going to copy it because I like it. Also because if I have to write my own content today it is going to be more whining and bitching and you’ve probably had enough of that. So will you please answer these questions for me? It will make me so happy!!


One Smart Cookie is…..
One Smart Cookie needs…..
One Smart Cookie’s best friend is…..
One Smart Cookie’s dog is named…..
One Smart Cookie smells like…..
One Smart Cookie drives like…..
One Smart Cookie craves……
One Smart Cookie‘s favorite TV Show is…..
One Smart Cookie hates the actor whose name is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s alcoholic drink of choice is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s NON alcoholic drink of choice is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s favorite musical artist is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s favorite cupcake flavor is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s hair is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s celebrity crush is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s occupation is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s favorite book is…..
One Smart Cookie‘s favorite color is…..
One Smart Cookie hates…..
One Smart Cookie wishes…..

Go ahead – make my day!


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I hope you weren’t expecting something interesting.

I don’t even know why I’m bothering to post, seeing as how I have nothing to say. Work is slowly sucking the life out of me. You know how the windows in the Las Vegas hotels don’t open, and everyone says it’s because the casinos don’t want people who lost all their money to just open up the window and jump out? Yeah, well, the windows in my office building don’t open either. Go figure.

It seems to get like this everyone once in a while, and although for the most part I like my job and the company I work for, it’s tough to remember that when you are drowning in the self-pity that comes with a particularly bad week. I’ve spent a good 4 hours today working on our budget and developing a tool that allows us to respond with intelligent answers when asked, “What do you plan to spend that money on?” only to realize that something is wrong, somewhere in this report, and it shows the total variance correctly in one place but is about three quarters of a million dollars off in another place.

And really, when an extra 20 found in your coat pocket is cause for celebration, do you know how disconcerting it is that they let me do stuff with millions of dollars? That’s a lot of zeroes. It is also disconcerting that I have used the words ‘report’ and ‘variance’ in this post because I AM NOT A NUMBERS PERSON. Although, I am pretty good at spending money, so maybe there is some hope for me after-all. Although, as that commercial said, “I guess buying lottery tickets isn’t a good business plan.” (Remember that one? With the monkeys? And they shine the laser pointers on the guy’s butt? Heh.)

The thing that’s keeping me going today is the promise of another episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight. I still can’t decide who my favorites are, but I might go with Sabra and Dominic. I tend to root for the underdog and I don’t think that they are getting the credit that they deserve. And of course, the Mary Murphy brand of crazy is always entertaining.


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