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Go Shorty

I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday.

Because it IS my birthday! Today I am 25 years old, which is the same as a quarter of a century, in case you were wondering. I’ve been joking that I am old now, but the truth is that life has only gotten better as I’ve gotten older, more sure of myself, more confident, etc, so I say bring it on.

Or am I too old to say things like ‘bring it on’? I might be. I guess I have to stop saying  ‘raise the roof’, too.

Ooh, and maybe now I’m old enough to start yelling at the pre-teens at the mall to put some damn clothes on already, because it’s 20 degrees outside, and when I was your age we wore parkas, not mini-skirts.

Apparently for me, 25 comes with a tendency toward crotchety behavior.

Also, early-senility, as I would really like to leave to go to the mall right now (need an outfit to wear tonight to go with the gorgeous necklace that a certain someone got me for my birthday, because obviously I have NOTHING TO WEAR, that bursting closet is a figment of your imagination) but I seem to have misplaced my keys. Oops.

Happy birthday to me! And Happy New Year to all of you!


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A very discombobulated Christmas re-cap.

Hello, duckies! Did you all have a good Christmas? (Or whatever holiday it is that you celebrate…)  I sure did, and I’m sad that it’s over. However, I have my pile of loot to keep my mind off of the fact that Christmas is now so very very far away.

Christmas was a bit of a blur, what with the waking up at 6am to exchange presents, shower, and drive to Matt’s parents’ house in time to exchange presents with them, eat a delicious breakfast prepared by Matt’s dad, and then drive to New Hampshire to spend time with Matt’s family at his aunt’s house. It was a long day, is all I’m sayin… However, Matt was happy with his gifts (or else he is just really talented at faking surprise and delight, one never knows) so I felt like I did a good job. His big gift was a set of new ski pants and a new ski jacket, along with a pass to a mountain near-ish to us. He really liked it, and we’ll have fun hitting the slopes this season.

I got a bunch of fancy new baking equipment, which is a definite upgrade to the hand-me-downs and Target specials that I have been using since college. Not that there is anything wrong with Target specials… but they don’t hold a candle to Williams Sonoma and my pretty new gadgets! (Imagine – measuring cups on which one can actually readthe unit of measurement, because it has not rubbed off over time!) Of course, I had already done my storm of baking* before Christmas morning, but they will be used plenty in the future.

My biggest gift was my very first ever designer handbag. I know – I KNOW – that they are a lot of money and that there are better things that the money could be spent on, and there really isn’t anything WRONG with a handbag from Target. But… But! It’s pretty. So very pretty. And you can pry it out of my cold dead fingers, OK?

Anyway, I’m back at work this week, where there is no one here and so I have had plenty of time to browse the after Christmas specials online. Today I will be leaving a bit early because two of my friends from college are coming into town. They are spending the night at our house and it will be fun to see them and catch up. Then I just have to make it through work tomorrow, and then it is time to enjoy my very own Birthday Weekend, now with extra Birthday since it will be a 4 day weekend for me. It also comes with a side of old age. (But not really, because I don’t care; it’s just that I can remember being a kid and thinking that when I got to this age I would be an adult. Which – HA – but still…)

Well that’s all for now, but I guess one of these days I should get around to some kind of yearly re-cap. I kind of like the little meme that -R- has up today so I may steal it if that is OK with her?? Until then, I am off to plot exactly how much time I can waste before I have to get some actual work done.

*I made my world-famous (or, you know, famous with Matt’s family) pumpkin pie, candy cane cookies (oooh, alliteration AND deliciousness), and cookie dough truffles (they taste and look awesome, but there was chocolate EVERYWHERE when I was done). Yummmm.

(Updated to add: Since -R- asked so nicely, here’s a picture of the purse. Hello, my preshus!)


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And to all a good night.

Just popping in to wish you all a holiday filled with love, laughter, and just the right amount of shameless materialism.

Merry Christmas to all!

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On the phone with Matt, after coming home early from work yesterday:

Me: I’m heading out to run some errands, so I don’t know if I’ll be home when you get home.

Matt: OK.

Me: So when you get home, can you put down some more salt or sand or something on the driveway and walkway?

Matt: Is it still an ice rink?

Me: Umm, yeah, and I ate it twice when I first got home. Once when I went to the trunk of my car to get my laptop bag and once when I tried to get the mail. And the neighbors totally saw me, and it wasn’t pretty, and if you laugh at me you are sleeping on the couch.

Matt: Are you OK?

Me: I guess so but I can feel the bruises forming already. I think I’m going to have one the size of China on my left ass cheek.


Me: I hope you’re comfy on the couch.


Later, we are getting ready for bed. I am changing into some comfy PJ’s, then:

Matt: Holy crap, what IS that?

Me: What?! Where?


Me: I TOLD you so. And there’s more; look at my leg. And my arm. And my knee.

Matt: Yes, but the one on your ass is clearly the most impressive. Although, it’s not shaped like China. It definitely looks more like Florida.

Me: Really? I can’t see it very well.

Matt: It is shaped exactly like Florida. A big blue Florida, right on your ass.

Me: Hmmm. And I always thought Florida was a red state.


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Attention Winter: You are officially on notice.

Did anyone watch the Today Show this morning and see Al Roker reporting on the weather ‘live from Boston’? I take issue with this for several reasons. First of all, he kept saying that he was reporting from Government Square, and I don’t know why but I could not get over the  back that he got the name wrong, and so I kept screaming “Center, it’s Center you moron” at the television screen. Secondly, I really don’t understand why this storm was important enough to necessitate Al Roker traveling to our fair city to report live. Yes, it was a shitload of snow, and yes it fell really fast, and yes the commute sucked for a large number of people, but this is Boston after all, and we are no strangers to snow. Come report on it when we get 4 feet, not 1.

Other things I take issue with:

The fact that it took me an hour to get home yesterday afternoon when I live less than 7 miles from work.

The HOUR that it took me to dig my car out this morning.

The guy who plows our driveway, because I think he charges too much, and because he didn’t bother to ring the doorbell to tell us that he was plowing, so we didn’t move our cars, so they were plowed in, and have I mentioned that it took me an HOUR to dig out my car after that? If he had just let us know that he was plowing we would have moved our cars and it would taken him 2 minutes to plow the snow instead of the hour that it took me.

Anyone who is currently wearing dry socks and shoes. Because I am not.

Luckily this morning we were still somewhat in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ phase of the snow (as opposed to the ‘dirty brown slush’ phase that we will surely be in soon). Also, on Sunday I am finally using a spa gift certificate that I’ve been hanging onto for a while to get a massage and a facial. This does not make me feel better about the fact that I am wearing wet socks, but perhaps it will help me to feel less like an 80 year old woman, because, you know, I spent an HOUR shoveling my car out this morning.

Winter, you suck.


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Next to our house there is a line of trees on a kind of rocky hill thing. In addition to the trees, there are some shrub-type plants and what appears to be a solid ton of leaves. (The leaves in the yard have been raked, but this area of our property is what we like to call au natural. Or perhaps untamed by man. Look, we appreciate nature, what can I say.)

This morning as I was leaving the house I saw something moving in the untamed rocky hill area. I assumed it was just a squirrel or something, but once I got into my car the creature climbed down the rocky hill and ran off along the side of our house. I wasn’t sure until I got to work and looked up pictures, but now I am pretty positive that it was a coyote. (It looked exactly like the picture on the right side of the page.)

I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised – we do live near the woods, and we’ve seen deer, raccoons, etc in our backyard – but it’s not like we are in a rural area! We live in a large suburb which has several major highways, a giant mall, and lots of office buildings in it. It’s a little strange to be living with this type of wildlife. (And, I guess, a little sad, because I’m sure the wildlife was there before we were.)

I mentioned it to a few people at work and they all said that you are supposed to call the town (animal control, I guess) if you see a coyote. On the one hand, I feel a little odd doing this – like they are going to laugh and say ‘so what’. Also, I cannot be 100% positive that it wasn’t just someones very ugly dog that got loose. However, it definitely didn’t look like or move like a dog, it wasn’t wearing a collar, and I would also feel terrible if it ate someones pet. Or, you know, if it ate me. And they are known to carry rabies. So I guess I will be calling.

Of course, I know if it had been Matt who had seen it this morning, he would have been running toward it hoping to make it his pet! And then we would name it Cujo.


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In which I show that I am, after all, a Jersey girl at heart.


I tried ALL WEEKEND to get those damn Red Sox tickets. The site would put you in this ‘virtual waiting room’ and then refresh every 30 seconds, and people were randomly selected from the waiting room to enter the site to buy tickets. I just left the 3 computers running and refreshing, hoping that I would get a chance to buy the tickets. (Matt knew what I was doing, so it would not have been a surprise Christmas gift, but he would have been excited anyway. Also, we were planning to buy tickets for Matt’s father and brother for Christmas if I ever got into the site.)

After spending all weekend running back and forth to the computers to see if we had gotten into the site, I checked on Sunday afternoon around 4:30 to see if anything was going on… and we were in!! I screamed at the top of my lungs to Matt (who was in the basement) to come upstairs and help me pick tickets. We added 4 pairs of tickets (the max any individual could buy) to our cart – 2 pairs for us, a pair for Matt’s dad, and a pair for his brother, entered the credit card information, hit submit, annndd….

Unknown error.

Welcome to the Virtual Waiting Room.

WTF? Let me tell you… I was pissed. I was really, truly angry. I know that a lot of people were trying to buy tickets, and I can’t prove that the error wasn’t on my computer (although I am almost positive it was on the site’s end of things)  but I think what made me the most angry was that the tickets went on sale at 10am on Saturday, and they were up on ticket reselling sites for more than twice the face value by 2pm. Those sites are nothing more than completely legal scalping, and it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I showed my roots by letting out a string of curse words that would make any Jersey girl proud. Matt later said that he had never seen me so angry, and I tend to believe that he’s right. In the end, it’s no big deal. We’ll save the money that we would have spent, and we’ll buy different Christmas presents for Matt’s family members. But at the time, I was really frustrated, and I definitely let it show. I guess you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl, right?

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