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The agony of de-feet.

Apparently it’s been one whole year (plus a day; punctuality is not my strong point) since I started this here little blog. Huh. Can’t really say I thought I’d stick with it, but I’m pretty glad I have. Happy blogoversary to me!

In other news, remember how I bought two pairs of shoes at TJ Maxx last weekend, because I am weak and cannot resist the temptation of shoes that are cute AND less than twenty dollars? I can’t find a picture anywhere, but they made by Nine West, and they are black and they have buckles on them and they are flats… and based on that description you’d think they were pretty comfortable, right? I guess they look kind of like this if you need to know what they look like to assess their comfortable-factor.

Well, I wore them yesterday and they ate my feet. I know I’m abnormally blister-prone and all, but I took precautions! I used blister-block AND put band-aids on my heels and yet those shoes gnawed their way through to feast on my poor delicate feet. Ouch.

Happy Friday!


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A Wicked Good Time

Matt and I had the last two days off from work, which of course meant that this morning I returned to Dire! Emergencies! Must! Fix! Now! And then I jumped out the window.

Just kidding.

But I was pretty close.

This morning’s horror was made especially bad by the fact that the last two days were so wonderful. On Tuesday night, Matt and I saw Wicked at the Opera House in Boston. In case I haven’t mentioned it, the tickets were a Christmas gift from Matt. Christmas – as in, the holiday that happened a very long time ago which left me with many months to be very excited about this show.

(Also, I think the way that he gave me the tickets was pretty cute. He gave me a big box of books, one of which was Wicked. When I picked it up, I thought there was a bookmark inside. But no, it was the tickets. Dude is smooth sometimes.)

Anyway, Wickedwas great. We had planned to go out to dinner first, but some insane traffic snarled our plans and left us with not enough time for dinner but enough time for a few drinks at a very snazzy place around the corner from the theater. I was a little sad about not getting my fancy dinner out (Do you know how hard it is to find a nice place to eat for two very picky eaters? Do you? It is HARD.) but as soon as the show started I started grinning like a fool and just couldn’t stop. It was pretty freakin’ amazing.

We had run into some friends of ours in the lobby when we got there and had made plans to find each other afterwards and then go out for some drinks. A friend of our friends suggested the bar in a very fancy hotel (sounds like Bitz-Marlton) around the corner from the theater. Now, when you think of the bar in the Bitz-Marlton… don’t you think of pretty decent service? Would you imagine that it would not take almost half an hour just to get a drink menu? Would you imagine that your wine would come WITHOUT a fruit fly floating in it?

I would too. But we’d both we wrong.

Lest you think that the reason that we got bad service was that we looked like the riff-raff, we were all dressed up and looking like actual grown-ups with actual money to pay for our actual drinks. But we had a really good time despite the bad service, and Matt and I were very glad that we made the decision to take yesterday off from work as we did not get home until much past our usual bedtime.

Yesterday we started the great Halloween costume hunt, and I was surprised to learn that apparently Matt has his heart set on being some kind of 70’s disco couple. Maybe this has to do with the fact that we have been learning a lot of hustle in dance class? Or maybe he suddenly has a burning desire to wear really tight pants. Either way, it is a suggestion I can live with so I guess we’re settled. I do appreciate the suggestions that I received in response to my last post – and I will definitely be hoping for an X-men theme next year!

Sadly, vacation days are over and work emergencies call…


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Please to be making a suggestion for me now.

Do you know how long it takes broken toes to heal? A really freaking long time. Did you know that until said toes are healed, you will spend many hours sitting on your couch with your (gimpy) boyfriend, wondering why you don’t have more friends with fully functioning phalanges?

As you might have guessed, this weekend wasn’t terribly exciting. I felt a vague sense of cabin fever setting in, which luckily was remedied when I took myself shopping on Sunday afternoon. I’m not usually a big fan of department stores or stores with tons and tons of racks and people and hello, claustrophobia, but with a limited budget and a desperate need for some pants that would just FIT ALREADY, I took myself to TJ Maxx and steeled myself to be completely overwhelmed.

(The need for new pants arises from the fact that all of my old ones are too big. Which – YAY! But also, crap, because I have no money for buying new pants. That’s where TJ Maxx, home of the cheap yet also presentable clothing comes in.)

(I am not kidding when I say that I am terrified of department stores. There are just SO MANY THINGS. Also, since there are so many brands you have to lug three different sizes of everything to the dressing room, since you never know which size is going to fit. I had to give myself a little pep talk before going in. Luckily, the TJ Maxx in my area is large, and – as stores of that variety go – not too dungeon-like.)

It took me a ridiculously long time to find some presentable pants. I think I was in that store for over 3 hours. And I made at least 7 trips to the dressing room. But finally, I made my way home with 4 new pairs of nice looking work pants and without too large a dent in my wallet.

(OK, so I also bought two pairs of shoes. But they were less than 20 bucks per pair so really, CAN YOU BLAME ME? I have a weakness, I know. There should really be a 12 step program.)

Anyway, enough about that. What I also realized this weekend is that we are quickly approaching the month of October, and do you know what happens in October? Only the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR!!!

I know, I know, Halloween is for kids… but that has not stopped Matt and I from getting some really awesome costumes for the last few years. We won first place in the costume party at one party we went to last year, but were totally gipped at Matt’s family’s party. (Seriously, the fact that they throw a huge Halloween party every year is not the only reason I love them, but it is very high up there on the list.)

The problem is that we cannot agree on what to be this year. This is where you come in, with your wisdom and suggestions and pretty hair. (If I flatter you, you’ll help me, right?) Here are our requirements:

  • Needs to be some kind of theme that will work for a couple.
  • Needs to be manly enough that he will agree to wear it. (He is a really good sport and loves Halloween as much as I do… but he will still not wear any costume requiring him to wear tights. He will especially like any costume that allows him to carry a (fake) weapon.)
  • Needs to be girly enough that I will like it. (It doesn’t need to be uber-girly… but I am not interested in dressing up as a barnyard animal, for instance.)

What do you think? The past few years we have been a Gunslinger and a Saloon Girl, a Mobster and a Flapper, and Pirates. My suggestions this year (Cinderella and Prince Charming; Elvis and Marilyn) have been met with complete disdain on his part. But I can’t exactly say I loved his suggestions either (Ketchup and Mustard was the worse one).

What ideas do you have??


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Now that’s entertainment!

The channels, they are plentiful. My perpetually dorky self is already addicted to the National Geographic Channel and the Science Channel, while my inner teenager/Valley girl/moron is in love with the Style Network and Fox Reality. (Late yesterday afternoon I wrote a very complicated work-type document while watching an hour and a half of Blind Date. Do not tell me that you don’t love Blind Date, because I will know that you are a LIAR.)

In an attempt to not completely and totally rot my mind, Matt and I went to our town’s public library for the first time on Saturday. We’ve never gone before because I was completely convinced that it would suck. Our town is a little strange in that it is really big and very diverse, meaning that there are really nice areas with giant mansion-type homes, areas with decent, safe-but-not-extravagent neighborhoods (like ours), and then there is the ghetto (also known as the center of town but we call it the ghetto, for reasons that need no further explanation). All the things like the town hall and library seem to be in the exact middle of the ghetto, where there is no parking and some wanna-be thugs (there are no actual thugs, as this is a suburban ghetto afterall) so I generally try to avoid this area.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only is the library located on a pretty quiet side street, but there is a free parking structure next to it. And the best part – the library is huge and very nice, with a great selection. Also, using it will make me feel like I am getting something back from the gazillions of tax dollars that I pay.

The very absolute best part of visiting the library this Saturday though, was that they were having a huge book sale. Books! For 50 cents! This is my own personal heaven. As people walked out of the sale area with their books in stacks of twos and threes, I quickly amassed a pile that filled 5 bags to the brim…. and came home with 48 new books to add to my ever-expanding collection.

Sunday was spend rearranging my bookshelves, digging bookends out of the attic, and trying to figure out how in hell I was going to make everything fit. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to rearrange everything by genre and author, and then strategically use other surfaces (fireplace mantles, top of armoir, top of bookshelf in the basement, window-sill) to hold books that wouldn’t fit in the (stuffed to the absolute brim) bookshelves in the living room.

Of course, now you can see why it is complete torture to be stuck here at work while there are piles of books and hundreds of channels just begging to be read/watched. What’s a girl to do?


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Today I am working from home since we are getting a new provider for our TV, Internet, and phone. (Sounds like Schermizon Pie-os.) I can’t wait to be rid of our old provider (sounds like Zomcast) because I’m tired of being raped every time the bill arrives. Also, their customer service resembles something you might find in a toilet. Screw you, Zomcast!

This switch also means that we are getting a multi-room DVR, and I’m so excited that I would hug the installer dude if there wasn’t a 110% chance that he has not showered in, like, a week. He is nice enough though, considering that there is at least a 53% chance that he lives in his parents’ basement. Also, the multi-room DVR will result in approximately 25% less arguments between Matt and me, with most of this decrease occuring during times when he is watching sports.

Have I mentioned how glorious it is to work from home? I’m not sure if I’d like to do this all the time, but boy howdy is it fabulous once in a while. Considering that not having to iron, wear clothes more complicated than jeans and a hoodie, put on makeup, or dry my hair resulted in a 90% decrease in the amount of time that it took me to get ready, I could definitely get used to this.

It’s also wonderful to have a work day that is miraculously free of meetings. On an average work day, I spend at least 4-5 hours of my day in meetings. In many of these meetings, I only make it through about 5 minutes before frantically searching the room for a sharp object with which to impale myself, because that would result in a 99% chance of my being able to leave the meeting. Also a slight chance of death, but who’s counting?

Anyway, I need to go be at least a little bit productive before the Pie-os man shuts down our Internet connection. Because once it comes back on, along with our gazillions of channels and multi-room DVR, I can 100% guarantee you that I will not be getting any kind of work done.

Adios, amigos!

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Yesterday I got an e-mail from Liz saying that she had this ‘crazy idea’ that we could meet up in NJ on Columbus Day weekend.

Crazy idea?

I say – freaking spectacularly awesome idea!

Less than 4 hours later, her plane tickets were booked and I was hoping that maybe it could hurry up and be October 4th already.

We’re going to have some nice girl-time, which promises to be full of gossip, shopping, and bitching about, well, everything. (We are incredibly good at being bitchy. It’s a talent.) The main purpose of the trip is to do some wedding dress shopping for Liz, now that she has a wedding date and all. I think that this is going to be pretty fun, especially when I make her try on a dress that looks like this.


I have a feeling that she might retaliate though so I better be prepared to try on some butt-ugly bridesmaid dresses.

Like, say, this one

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Revenge is a dish best served…

… by my kitchen, apparently.

I guess it didn’t like my grumblings about its lack of decent cabinet space and whatnot, because last night when I walked in the door from work, I was hit with the most disgusting, funkified odor I have ever had the extreme displeasure to sniff. And it was coming from the kitchen.

How, you say, is that possible? When you lovingly scrubbed every surface, removed even the slightest offense from the refrigerator, and took out every spec of trash?


And yet the odor persists. And now I swear I can smell it in every room of the house. (Matt says he can’t smell it anywhere but the kitchen, but I say IT’S FOLLOWING ME.)

We’ve looked everywhere we can think of for the source of the odor, including behind the stove where we previously found a, ahem, little present. (In the form of a dead little carcass, and by we I so totally mean Matt and not me at all. And the funny thing is that that time? I did not smell anything at all and Matt thought I was crazy. But now even thinking about it is giving me the creeps because oh god dead things in my house, possibly more than once.)

So the source refuses to be found, which leads me to two possible conclusions:

  1. It’s in the wall, which is too horrible to even consider, and I’m hoping not likely since we have only ever had (well ever caught) 3 mice and that is including the stove-mouse so it seems unlikely that the 4th mouse would choose to die in the damn wall, right? Also, there was no evidence of mousies anywhere in our kitchen.  (And by evidence I mean little tiny poo.) Please tell me that this isn’t likely because I don’t care what you say, that this is New England and we live near the woods and we are bound to have a few mice, I don’t care I don’t want mice anywhere near my living quarters, especially not dead and unreachable through the wall. Ack.
  2. It’s actually not something funkified in our house, it’s something funkified in our neighbor’s house. This is bad because it means that the smell is unreachable to get rid of until they do something about it, but I guess it also means that it is not our fault and that this isn’t some kind of strange rodent uprising. If you’d smelled some of the things they’ve cooked, you might think this one highly likely, too.

Whatever the source, I really hope it goes away very very soon. My counter measures (lighting every scented candle I can find, a liberal spraying of febreeze, and ever-so-attractively mouth-breathing whenever I am in the kitchen) can only take me so far.


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