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More Wildlife

Tom the Turkey has not made any more appearances (at least not that we’ve seen), BUT last night Ricky the Obese Raccoon came to visit. Ricky is apparently living the good life, because Ricky is so fat that he doesn’t walk, he waddles. I don’t think Ricky is the same raccoon that came and tapped on our window last year, unless he became this massive over the course of the past year. But who knows.

Also, Ricky would like you to know that he is NOT SCARED OF YOU. You can bang on the window all you want, but he is a Bad Ass Raccoon and he will stare you down. And then he will possibly go knock over your garbage can. That Ricky is a real tough guy.

Also, I would like the guy who sits in a cube in the next row to know that just because he has a speakerphone button on his phone doesn’t mean he needs to use it. It’s bad enough that I have to tune out your obnoxious, name-dropping voice; now I have to drown out the voice of the annoying people you talk to. Pick up the receiver. And stop wearing pink shirts. You think it makes you look secure in your masculinity, but it just makes us question it even more. No one thinks you’re cool.

That is all.

P.S. I really hate name droppers.

P.P.S I don’t mind it when guys wear pink, I just hate this particular person’s wardrobe choices.

P.P.S. Now the other really annoying cube neighbor is talking on the phone with her husband and get this – she just called him Schmoopy. SCHMOOPY. Now that is just priceless.


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Wild Turkey

Not that kind, silly. This kind:

He (or perhaps she) was wandering around our yard yesterday. We saw him three times, but every time I ran for the camera he got away just in time. We only managed a fuzzy, far away picture with Matt’s camera phone.

We’ve joked about wildlife since we moved into this house, since the realtor that was selling got a little… carried away with the description that she posted online. Obviously, we liked the house, but we got some good laughs over this realtor’s exagerations, especially the part about the ‘abundance of wildlife that will make you feel like you reside in an exotic wonderland’. Um, ok, exotic wonderland? Really? I was pretty sure that we were looking at houses in a suburb of Boston, but whatever you say.

So, every time we’ve seen a deer, or a raccoon, or the one time that I saw the coyote, we’ve joked extensively about the wildlife in our exotic wonderland. Of course, we were feeling pretty sarcastic since deer, while a bit unexpected given that we don’t live in a rural area, are not exactly exotic. Yesterday, though, we were feeling exotic. We had a wild turkey. We would name him Tom. He was eating the bird seed that the squirrels had knocked out of the feeder, because – HA! – HE’S A BIRD!

An exotic bird.

It was only about an hour after our conversation about how cool it was that we had a wild turkey running around, and wondering where he lived, and whether he got cold in the winter, and musing after the fact that we just couldn’t believe that a creature like that was running around New England, and we were feeling kind of bad for eating his friends and relatives every year on Thanksgiving, and using the word ‘exotic’ about ninety million times, that we suddenly turned to look at each other:

“Oh man, we’re such idiots.”

“I know. You’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking, right?”

“Probably. But, he just SEEMED exotic, you know?”

“I thought so too, but, I mean, DUH. PILGRIMS.”

“Poor Tom. I guess he’s not so exotic after all.”

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Blinded by the Light

Believe it or not, this week’s sucktitude(I’ll get to that in a minute) is actually made WORSE by the fact that this past weekend was so nice. On Saturday, Matt and I went on our first mini-golf adventure of the season, complete witha lunch made entirely of ice cream (all lunches should be this good). Matt also wanted to use the batting cages that the mini-golf place had, because he just joined his company’s softball team and he didn’t want to embarrass himself at his first game. (To this I say, Dear, you work at a software company, and I’m fairly certain that most software developers aren’t known for their software prowess. Now, if you found yourself competing at Dungeons and Dragons, that might be a different story. Oh, but I kid!)

Anyway, Matt somehow convinced me to try the batting cages, and I really don’t know how I let myself get talked into this. Sure, it was slow pitch softball, but please remember that I have never played an organized sport in my life. My parents enrolled me in the science club and Girl Scouts instead of t-ball and soccer, because they clearly wanted a little nerdlingas a daughter. But I tried the batting cages anyway, and I am proud to say that I hit 3 balls out of the 30 that were pitched to me. I consider this to be a rousing success.

On our way home from this outing, we drove past a driving range. Matt asked to stop, and since I had a book with me I figured, sure, I’d just sit on the bench and read while he hit a bucket of balls. (Bucket of balls! Heh!) So I sat on my bench reading, and kind of watching the people, and I thought, “Hey, that looks kind of fun.” It didn’t hurt that the girl using the tee directly in front of the bench I was sitting on was really (REALLY!) awful, so I figured if I sucked at it, at least I wouldn’t be worse than her.

So I asked Matt if I could use his clubs. And I didn’t suck! I didn’t suck at all! I could hit the ball straight, and by the end I could actually hit it pretty far. I don’t think I’d really like to play a round of golf (I’d get bored by the 4th hole and end up sitting under a tree reading a book) but it was pretty satisfying to hit a bucket of balls (Heh!).

As you might have guessed from all of the weekend activities, it seems that Spring has finally arrived here in New England. The weather has been pretty awesome, and the only cloudy day was Monday, and since that was Marathon Monday and I don’t imagine it’s very pleasant to run 26.2 miles AT ALL, let alone in the blazing sun, I was willing to let that one slide. I was not, however, willing to let it slide when the police were puttingup barricades at the end of my street a full hour before they were supposed to start closing the roads. The marathon runs down the road that our street emptys onto, and while there are many ways out of my neighborhood, all of them involve getting onto this road at some point (or else going about 15 miles out of my way). So I made sure to check when the roads were being shut down. Luckily they took pity on me and let me out. Which, really, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing, since if I couldn’t get out of my neighborhood I certainly couldn’t be expected to go to work!

Work has been the source of this week’s sucktitude, as you might have guessed. It’s been very busy, meaning that I have come in to the office at around 7am each morning, and I have not left at a time before 7pm. Twelve+ hour days do not make a girl happy, especially when the weather is so nice and the sun is shining, and I have books waiting to be read while sitting in my Adirondack chair on the patio. Perhaps while sipping a glass of wine. And eating some of the delicious pasta salad that I made last weekend. But alas, it is not to be, the sitting and the reading and the sipping and the eating. Instead, I am here in my cubicle.

It’s OK though. Today it is supposed to get up to eighty degrees, so I have decreed it to be the first skirt-wearing day of the season. And so, if anyone annoys me today, I’ll just flash them a little leg. The light glaring off of my pasty whiteness is sure to make anyone run for cover.


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Oh Sunny Day

So I guess the boy has sufficiently redeemed himself by apologizing profusely and proclaiming that he had every intention of cleaning it up, but was then distracted by the fact that our stupid upstairs toilet wouldn’t stop running again. So he fixed that but forgot to clean up the spilled water. I suppose that in boyfriend points that leaves him about even.


I just got back from eating lunch outside, and man, was it hard to come back in to work. This is why I say that I could never live somewhere without seasons – because I would miss having this type of appreciation for a nice sunny day. After winter has kicked my ass for like the millionth time, it’s nice to think that nice weather is coming. I think if I lived somewhere that had this type of weather all the time, it would become “Eh. It’s nice out. Again.” instead “OMG I CAN ACTUALLY SEE SUNLIGHT AND I CAN WALK AROUND WITHOUT A PARKA AND SNOW BOOTS YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Speaking of sunlight, does anyone have a recommendation for a good moisturizer that includes SPF? I’m fine with slathering my very fair-skinned face and body with sunscreen (SPF = ONE ZILLION) when I am going for an outing in the sun, but I’d like to eat lunch outside without coming back into work with a nice tinge of pink. I know that I could use some type of sunscreen before putting on lotion/make-up in the morning, but that seems like a lot of work when companies so helpfully combine two products in one for the lazy folks like me.

I’ve tried some drugstore brands in the past with limited success – I guess the best of all of them was Aveeno; I used both the calming and the ‘radiant’ ones. They were, ok, I guess, but then I had a taste of the Sephora Kool-aid and started using the Philosophy line of products. And I love them, and my fickle, blotchy, combination skin has been happier than it’s been in years. Only one problem – my beloved Hope in a Jar doesn’t include SPF.

Philosophy does make a moisturizer with SPF, but it’s for ‘aging skin’ and I don’t think I qualify. I’m especially reluctant to use it in the summer, when I definitely don’t need something heavy clogging my pores. The Sephora ladies tried to convince me that it would be OK, so maybe I’ll ask for a sample, but I’d like to find an alternative if possible. I don’t mind paying a semi-decent amount of money if something can tame my skin into submission AND prevent sun damage. (Semi-decent = about what I would pay for Hope in a Jar, I’m not made of money).

What say you? Any brilliant recommendations?


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Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland; 6 inches of wet, heavy snow already on the ground and another 6 (or more!) to come. It’s pretty snow (the wet kind always sticks to the trees and to everything else, which is pretty) but it’s also realllly heavy and a pain to shovel. Luckily since Round One of shoveling is already done, I can sit and relax until it’s time for Round Two.

I had my MRI on Friday afternoon, and it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, but it was OK. I’m not terribly claustrophobic; I actually would rather be in a teeny tiny place all by myself than in a larger space with a lot of people (which is why crowded elevators and really busy malls make me a bit twitchy). But still, I think my heart was hammering as loud as the machine at one point! Of course you don’t get any results right on the spot, so I’ll be waiting for a call from the doctor sometime this week. I’m not concerned, though, since this was just a precautionary measure.

In my last bit of boring medical news, I started on the preventative medication on Friday night. I was kind of expecting it to just knock me right out, like Nyquil does, but it didn’t. However, on Saturday morning I was a groggy, foggy, dizzy mess. Fun!  I’m going to try to find the “right” time to take this stuff at night – I’m hoping that by taking it earlier in the evening I’ll be able to eliminate some of the morning fog. And since it doesn’t seem to make me all that sleepy at night (not so much that I can’t function) I see no problem with taking it a bit earlier.

I’ve had a few other minor side effects (dry mouth, slower heart rate, both of which I was told would likely happen) but nothing too awful. And I know it’s only been a few days, but so far no migraines! I’m not ready to declare victory yet, but I’m feeling good. Wahoo!

Now the only thing to decide is what to do with my snow day. I’m thinking a Pirates of the Caribbean  marathon is in order, since I got the 3rd movie for Christmas and haven’t watched it yet. A little hot chocolate, a cozy throw blanket, and some Jack Sparrow – what could be better than that?


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On the phone with Matt, after coming home early from work yesterday:

Me: I’m heading out to run some errands, so I don’t know if I’ll be home when you get home.

Matt: OK.

Me: So when you get home, can you put down some more salt or sand or something on the driveway and walkway?

Matt: Is it still an ice rink?

Me: Umm, yeah, and I ate it twice when I first got home. Once when I went to the trunk of my car to get my laptop bag and once when I tried to get the mail. And the neighbors totally saw me, and it wasn’t pretty, and if you laugh at me you are sleeping on the couch.

Matt: Are you OK?

Me: I guess so but I can feel the bruises forming already. I think I’m going to have one the size of China on my left ass cheek.


Me: I hope you’re comfy on the couch.


Later, we are getting ready for bed. I am changing into some comfy PJ’s, then:

Matt: Holy crap, what IS that?

Me: What?! Where?


Me: I TOLD you so. And there’s more; look at my leg. And my arm. And my knee.

Matt: Yes, but the one on your ass is clearly the most impressive. Although, it’s not shaped like China. It definitely looks more like Florida.

Me: Really? I can’t see it very well.

Matt: It is shaped exactly like Florida. A big blue Florida, right on your ass.

Me: Hmmm. And I always thought Florida was a red state.


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Attention Winter: You are officially on notice.

Did anyone watch the Today Show this morning and see Al Roker reporting on the weather ‘live from Boston’? I take issue with this for several reasons. First of all, he kept saying that he was reporting from Government Square, and I don’t know why but I could not get over the  back that he got the name wrong, and so I kept screaming “Center, it’s Center you moron” at the television screen. Secondly, I really don’t understand why this storm was important enough to necessitate Al Roker traveling to our fair city to report live. Yes, it was a shitload of snow, and yes it fell really fast, and yes the commute sucked for a large number of people, but this is Boston after all, and we are no strangers to snow. Come report on it when we get 4 feet, not 1.

Other things I take issue with:

The fact that it took me an hour to get home yesterday afternoon when I live less than 7 miles from work.

The HOUR that it took me to dig my car out this morning.

The guy who plows our driveway, because I think he charges too much, and because he didn’t bother to ring the doorbell to tell us that he was plowing, so we didn’t move our cars, so they were plowed in, and have I mentioned that it took me an HOUR to dig out my car after that? If he had just let us know that he was plowing we would have moved our cars and it would taken him 2 minutes to plow the snow instead of the hour that it took me.

Anyone who is currently wearing dry socks and shoes. Because I am not.

Luckily this morning we were still somewhat in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ phase of the snow (as opposed to the ‘dirty brown slush’ phase that we will surely be in soon). Also, on Sunday I am finally using a spa gift certificate that I’ve been hanging onto for a while to get a massage and a facial. This does not make me feel better about the fact that I am wearing wet socks, but perhaps it will help me to feel less like an 80 year old woman, because, you know, I spent an HOUR shoveling my car out this morning.

Winter, you suck.


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