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Cantankerous Old Hag

The title of this post actually comes from a dream I had last night, because apparently even my subconscious knows what I really am deep down inside. But shit, if you’d had the kind of week I’ve been having, you’d be a cantankerous old hag as well.

[Family drama (even more than usual), grandmother in the hospital, and a whole effing shitload of work work workity work. There you have it. Let’s move on.]

Things are looking up though. Tonight is the first meeting of the book club that a few of us started at work. We’re working off of this list, because we want to read the classics, but we’re starting with The Great Gatsby because, um, Ulysses? No thank you. We’ll need to work our way up to that.¬†And of course you know what you can’t have a book club without? Margaritas. Duh.

Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of work (now with Big Important Meeting!) and then a fairly long drive to NJ, all of which will be made possible by the fact that at the end of the day, I get to see Liz. Wahoo!

Apparently, margaritas and Liz are what it takes to make me happy at an otherwise craptastic time. Know what else would make me happy?¬†Today is some kind of Internet de-lurking day, so the theory is that you should comment on any and all blogs that you read, even if you haven’t done so in the past. I don’t usually mention these types of things, as I don’t think my blog is important enough to really warrant it, but if you wanted to make this cantankerous old hag really happy, you should leave me a comment and say Hi.

It seems that other bloggers are asking questions to facilitate the commenting, so I’ll do the same:

What’s your favorite holiday and why?



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