Olympics Obsessed

I ended up making a strawberry shortcake for the birthday party last week (I used this recipe, which I cannot recommend highly enough – just a little bit different than your usual shortcake but SO GOOD) and I felt proud when the entire thing was gone in less than 5 minutes. Usually there are people who are all, well, I really shouldn’t, I’m watching my girlish figure, which annoys me because – well, save that for the crappy store bought cake. When I slaved over the oven to make a 100% from scratch cake you will EAT IT and LIKE IT or you WILL NOT BE INVITED to the next work-type social gathering. So there.

(I’m partially kidding, but it does annoy me when people act all high and mighty about turning down a small slice of cake. But fine, because that means more for me, and I don’t care if I have to work an extra 10 minutes at the gym tonight to burn it off because DAMN, IT WAS GOOD.)

In other news, I have been obsessively watching the Olympics since they started last Friday, and I have to say that I’m almost glad that they only last a few weeks, but I simply couldn’t take this frenzied state of television watching, white-knuckled willing them to win for much longer than that. We’ve been recording as much as we can and then skipping through to the parts that we like, so it’s been pretty much all Olympics all the time from the time I get home until I go to sleep. (I’ve even been watching in the mornings before I go to work because I keep falling asleep before the really exciting stuff is over so I have to finish it in the morning.)

Anyway, when all you do is sleep, work, and watch the Olympics, there’s not a whole lot of stuff to write about in a blog post. So here’s a question for you, readers: What’s the Olympic event that you enjoy watching even though you would never watch it if it weren’t part of the Olympics?

For me, it’s weight lifting. Usually I wouldn’t be caught dead watching it, but there’s something about those small-ish men (I mean, they have muscles, but they sure don’t LOOK like they can lift that much) lifting those ginormous weights that makes me really want them all to win.



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2 responses to “Olympics Obsessed

  1. -R-

    Track events. I hate track. I hate running. I don’t enjoy watching it. But at the Olympics, I get all excited about it.

    I also watched a little bit of wrestling this morning, and it was cool too!

  2. Synchronized diving.

    Okay, if I’m being honest, I don’t actually watch any sport unless it’s in the Olympics.

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