Water, water everywhere (and a bonus hypothetical)

The town started doing construction on our street about a week or so before we left on vacation – we didn’t think much of it as it kind of looked like they were just laying giant pieces of pipes everywhere for the fun of it. But, it turns out that they were preparing to replace the water main on our street. We found this out when we were on vacation, and a friend from work stopped by our house to feed the lizard and bring in the mail. She found a note taped to our door that said that we need to call the water department by the end of the day on the day she found the note to schedule hook up to a ‘temporary water line’.

After figuring out that business from 3,000+ miles away, we arrived home from our red-eye flight to discover that we could not, in fact, drive down our street. The only way to get to our house was to drive through the neighboring town and go down the other end of the street. And then we found out that what ‘temporary water line’ actually means is ‘water line the size of a garden hose that will mean that you get exactly NO water pressure on a good day, and don’t even think about trying to take a shower while you’re running the dishwasher’.

It also means lots of air bubbles in the line, so every time I’m taking a shower (a very long one, because imagine trying to shower in a stream of water that is equivalent to your average kindergarten water fountain) and the thing very loudly starts spitting out air, I duck and cover like I’ve suddenly found myself facing a firing squad. What is it about that noise that startles me so much?

I guess my griping is late in coming, since it appears that the construction is almost completed, but I can’t even tell you how much I am looking forward to a shower that features a reasonable level of water pressure.

**Bonus hypothetical. Let’s say you work in an office building, and let’s say that people routinely leave leftover food (from catered lunches, birthday parties, etc) in the little copy rooms on each floor. It’s completely acceptable to take a food that’s left there. (I am totally not above cutting myself a slice of cake in celebration of Bob’s birthday, even if I don’t know who the hell Bob is.) But now let’s say that there is leftover pizza in there, and it’s not in a box, but sitting in the open on a bunch of paper towels. And it’s been there since yesterday (at least – possibly longer but I am not aware). Would you eat it?

I can say for absolute certainty that I would not – but my new cube neighbor seems to feel differently about the scenario and is presently munching away. Now, in his defense, I suppose he may not know that it has been there since yesterday (although I don’t see how because that is where the printer is, and he prints stuff all the time), but… still… gross, right?



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4 responses to “Water, water everywhere (and a bonus hypothetical)

  1. I used to get that air bubble noise often in Madison and it scared the living hell out of me each and every time.

    Also, I’m glad you’re back! I briefly considered emailing to ask if you were ok, but that seemed a bit creepy stalkerish, considering we haven’t actually met.

  2. Um, that pizza? NOT OKAY! That’s revolting.

  3. -R-

    Eating the pizza is not ok.

    I hope the construction is done soon. That sounds like a major hassle.

  4. I will eat a day-old muffin left out in a box in the kitchen. But pizza? No. Not OK.

    You have, however, just proven my theory that if you leave food of any sort out in an office, someone will eat it. It doesn’t matter what it is. Someone will. At my office, the only thing to disprove this theory thus far were some extremely inferior-looking Nutrisystem meals. That does not speak very highly of Nutrisystem.

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