… Is this thing on?


I didn’t mean to be gone so long.

And I really have no excuse.


First, I had a busy few weeks at work. And then I was having trouble logging into my WordPress account for some reason. (A problem which seems to have miraculously solved itself, which is the way I like my problems to be solved.) And then I started feeling guilty (stupid, I know!) for going all cold turkey on this blogging thing and I waaaaay over-thought it and was all, well, I can’t just SHOW UP someday and start blogging again, not when I just went away for so long, and – ACK. ENOUGH. AM HERE.

Perhaps some pictures will make up for my long absence? Pictures from vacation? In California? Pictures like this one?


We also biked over the Golden Gate Bridge and saw views like this:

We went on a tour of Alcatraz Island:

And we were cheesy tourists on Fisherman’s Wharf:

We went to Napa and had lots of wine:

Lots and lots of delicious wine:

Then we went to Palo Alto for Liz’s wedding! Here is a picture of our dresses since I didn’t ask if it was OK to post a picture with actual people in it:

And yes, speaking of pictures with actual people in them, that IS me with the pirate up there. Hola! (Is that what you thought I looked like?)

So, there’s much more to update on but I’m afraid that’s it for now as it is, ahem, almost my bed time. (Sad! But true!) But, I promise – I’m back for good!



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3 responses to “… Is this thing on?

  1. So, is Alcatraz worth it? We’re going to SF soon.

    And you are so skinny!

  2. -R-

    Welcome back!

    I thought you would have darker hair. No idea why.

  3. You’re back! And yes, of course you can just show up again like that. That’s what feed readers are for!

    I don’t know what I thought you looked like, but it’s nice to see you, in any case.

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