Blinded by the Light

Believe it or not, this week’s sucktitude(I’ll get to that in a minute) is actually made WORSE by the fact that this past weekend was so nice. On Saturday, Matt and I went on our first mini-golf adventure of the season, complete witha lunch made entirely of ice cream (all lunches should be this good). Matt also wanted to use the batting cages that the mini-golf place had, because he just joined his company’s softball team and he didn’t want to embarrass himself at his first game. (To this I say, Dear, you work at a software company, and I’m fairly certain that most software developers aren’t known for their software prowess. Now, if you found yourself competing at Dungeons and Dragons, that might be a different story. Oh, but I kid!)

Anyway, Matt somehow convinced me to try the batting cages, and I really don’t know how I let myself get talked into this. Sure, it was slow pitch softball, but please remember that I have never played an organized sport in my life. My parents enrolled me in the science club and Girl Scouts instead of t-ball and soccer, because they clearly wanted a little nerdlingas a daughter. But I tried the batting cages anyway, and I am proud to say that I hit 3 balls out of the 30 that were pitched to me. I consider this to be a rousing success.

On our way home from this outing, we drove past a driving range. Matt asked to stop, and since I had a book with me I figured, sure, I’d just sit on the bench and read while he hit a bucket of balls. (Bucket of balls! Heh!) So I sat on my bench reading, and kind of watching the people, and I thought, “Hey, that looks kind of fun.” It didn’t hurt that the girl using the tee directly in front of the bench I was sitting on was really (REALLY!) awful, so I figured if I sucked at it, at least I wouldn’t be worse than her.

So I asked Matt if I could use his clubs. And I didn’t suck! I didn’t suck at all! I could hit the ball straight, and by the end I could actually hit it pretty far. I don’t think I’d really like to play a round of golf (I’d get bored by the 4th hole and end up sitting under a tree reading a book) but it was pretty satisfying to hit a bucket of balls (Heh!).

As you might have guessed from all of the weekend activities, it seems that Spring has finally arrived here in New England. The weather has been pretty awesome, and the only cloudy day was Monday, and since that was Marathon Monday and I don’t imagine it’s very pleasant to run 26.2 miles AT ALL, let alone in the blazing sun, I was willing to let that one slide. I was not, however, willing to let it slide when the police were puttingup barricades at the end of my street a full hour before they were supposed to start closing the roads. The marathon runs down the road that our street emptys onto, and while there are many ways out of my neighborhood, all of them involve getting onto this road at some point (or else going about 15 miles out of my way). So I made sure to check when the roads were being shut down. Luckily they took pity on me and let me out. Which, really, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing, since if I couldn’t get out of my neighborhood I certainly couldn’t be expected to go to work!

Work has been the source of this week’s sucktitude, as you might have guessed. It’s been very busy, meaning that I have come in to the office at around 7am each morning, and I have not left at a time before 7pm. Twelve+ hour days do not make a girl happy, especially when the weather is so nice and the sun is shining, and I have books waiting to be read while sitting in my Adirondack chair on the patio. Perhaps while sipping a glass of wine. And eating some of the delicious pasta salad that I made last weekend. But alas, it is not to be, the sitting and the reading and the sipping and the eating. Instead, I am here in my cubicle.

It’s OK though. Today it is supposed to get up to eighty degrees, so I have decreed it to be the first skirt-wearing day of the season. And so, if anyone annoys me today, I’ll just flash them a little leg. The light glaring off of my pasty whiteness is sure to make anyone run for cover.



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2 responses to “Blinded by the Light

  1. -R-

    I feel your pain, although I have not been brave enough to flash any pasty leg yet.

  2. I haven’t even taken my skirts out of winter hiding yet. Apparently I am afraid winter is still just teasing us. Oh, and also I know that a skirt is a bad idea when my office insists on using the air conditioner on a 64-degree day. Argh.

    “Nerdlingas.” Hee. 🙂

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