Oh Sunny Day

So I guess the boy has sufficiently redeemed himself by apologizing profusely and proclaiming that he had every intention of cleaning it up, but was then distracted by the fact that our stupid upstairs toilet wouldn’t stop running again. So he fixed that but forgot to clean up the spilled water. I suppose that in boyfriend points that leaves him about even.


I just got back from eating lunch outside, and man, was it hard to come back in to work. This is why I say that I could never live somewhere without seasons – because I would miss having this type of appreciation for a nice sunny day. After winter has kicked my ass for like the millionth time, it’s nice to think that nice weather is coming. I think if I lived somewhere that had this type of weather all the time, it would become “Eh. It’s nice out. Again.” instead “OMG I CAN ACTUALLY SEE SUNLIGHT AND I CAN WALK AROUND WITHOUT A PARKA AND SNOW BOOTS YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Speaking of sunlight, does anyone have a recommendation for a good moisturizer that includes SPF? I’m fine with slathering my very fair-skinned face and body with sunscreen (SPF = ONE ZILLION) when I am going for an outing in the sun, but I’d like to eat lunch outside without coming back into work with a nice tinge of pink. I know that I could use some type of sunscreen before putting on lotion/make-up in the morning, but that seems like a lot of work when companies so helpfully combine two products in one for the lazy folks like me.

I’ve tried some drugstore brands in the past with limited success – I guess the best of all of them was Aveeno; I used both the calming and the ‘radiant’ ones. They were, ok, I guess, but then I had a taste of the Sephora Kool-aid and started using the Philosophy line of products. And I love them, and my fickle, blotchy, combination skin has been happier than it’s been in years. Only one problem – my beloved Hope in a Jar doesn’t include SPF.

Philosophy does make a moisturizer with SPF, but it’s for ‘aging skin’ and I don’t think I qualify. I’m especially reluctant to use it in the summer, when I definitely don’t need something heavy clogging my pores. The Sephora ladies tried to convince me that it would be OK, so maybe I’ll ask for a sample, but I’d like to find an alternative if possible. I don’t mind paying a semi-decent amount of money if something can tame my skin into submission AND prevent sun damage. (Semi-decent = about what I would pay for Hope in a Jar, I’m not made of money).

What say you? Any brilliant recommendations?



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5 responses to “Oh Sunny Day

  1. I used to use Dove daily face lotion, but last time I went to buy some I couldn’t find any. I loved that stuff! It is light, not-sticky and it has SPF.

    These days I’m using Oil of Olay day lotion, and I loved it just as much as the Dove stuff. A tiny bit goes a long way, and I just put it on after I’ve washed my face.

    I would recommend both of these products. With that said, I have pretty good skin, and I’m not very particular about what I put on my face. So, take all that for what it’s worth. (Not much).

  2. I use Neutrogena in the summer because it’s light and comes in 30 spf. Maybe even 45. I can’t remember now because I’ve been using the Aveeno all winter. All long, long, LOOOOOOONG winter.

  3. I’d been using Olay until I decided to try the Hope in a Jar line, and I’m wondering about the same thing–the no SPF part. 😦 I may have to switch back to Olay for the summer. Then again, I probably DO have what would qualify as “aging skin,” so maybe Philosophy can help me out after all, even if it’s not for whippersnappers like you.

  4. Liz

    I use a drugstore moisturizer called Purpose. My dermatologist recommended it when I was in high school and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s got spf 15 but it also comes in spf 30. It’s meant for sensitive yet acne prone skin, which was me in high school. It’s not really me anymore but I still use it every day because it’s fragrance-free and oil-free and everything else free and I like it. I’d recommend it, if it sounds like what you’re looking for.

  5. Three words: Amalah’s Advice Smackdown. She’s been hitting this topic hard recently…and I think has covered most of your questions.

    I used the Olay w/ SPF under my foundation but stopped and went back to the non-SPF Olay because I think it was making my makeup flaky by the end of the day. Not so attractive. But I’ve not used any other SPF moisturizers, so I don’t know if that is a normal thing, or just the combination of the Olay and Lancome foundation I’m using.

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