I also went grocery shopping and saw a movie, but those are the less exciting parts of the weekend.

People, this weekend I made a major discovery. And that’s funny, because it was on the Discovery channel! Ha! Have you ever seen Deadliest Catch? There was a marathon of it on this weekend in preparation for the Brand! New! Season! starting on Tuesday.

When I tell you I was completely hooked, that is an absolute understatement. I stared slack-jawed at the TV for a good 4 hours straight on Saturday afternoon, and I couldn’t tear myself away. Then I started frantically recording episodes to watch later because WHAT IF I MISSED SOMETHING? I’m a little bit obsessed with the Discovery channel, namely Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters, and that’s not to mention my extreme and undying love for Bear Grylls. However, I hadn’t really seen Deadliest Catch before, but don’t worry, because that situation has officially been remedied.

If you haven’t seen it, you should consider watching this season. The show follows fisherman in the Bering Sea as they try to make craploads of money in a short period of time by risking their lives to go out and fish. It’s way cooler than I’m making it sound, and what drew me in was the fact that it’s got a little bit of everything – these guys are tough, and sometimes they’re mean, but they are also funny and kind of warm-hearted despite their gruffness, and they work harder than I can even imagine. You will find yourself rooting for all of them.

I also recorded the behind-the-scenes episode, and I’m actually dying to watch it the very second that I get home from work, because I really want to know how they film this stuff. I mean, what kind of training do these camera-men and sound guys have to go through? How many of them are on the boat? Do they get along with the fishermen? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.



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2 responses to “I also went grocery shopping and saw a movie, but those are the less exciting parts of the weekend.

  1. We’ve been watching Deadliest Catch for several seasons, and like you, I bless Tivo everytime it comes back.

    Not to impact more of your spare TV time, but the same brilliant team is aslo responsible for two shows over on the History Channel – Ax Men about loggers in Oregon, which is good, and Ice Drivers or something like that about the guys that drive big rigs over the frozen water in Siberia or something. As you can see, I haven’t watched that one yet, but it sounds just cool. Happy Viewing.

  2. I saw one of those guys on The Daily Show once, and it still didn’t occur to me to watch the show. The Discovery Channel is one of those channels I forget I have… not because I think there would be nothing interesting on it, but because I don’t have “real” and official cable, and therefore have no preview channel or on-screen guide to tell me what I’m watching or what’s on when. It’s a primitive world in my house, I know, and I am too lazy to work with it.

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