Found cleaning

I know I make it sound like I’m a crazy neat-freak, but I’m not really. I am into organization – but that can mean anything; different people are organized in different ways. And really I only care about organizing the things I can see and the things I use frequently. If I can’t find a schedule or document that I need, that makes me mad. But if I have stuff that I need to keep, but that I don’t need to use frequently, I’m much less likely to organize it.

At work, I am definitely organized, but in my line of work, a lot of stuff just accumulates – proposals, meeting notes, samples of things I’ve worked on, samples from vendors trying to sell me stuff, invoices, copies of invoices, files for all of the projects I am working on and have worked on, etc. I can live with this for the most part, and I try not to keep things that I don’t really need, but every once in a while it gets to be too much and I go on a cleaning binge.

Today I went on just such a binge (this was also prompted by the coffee incident from last week and a lingering need to ensure that things were not going to start growing or smelling or anything at some point in the future). I found some pretty funny things while cleaning, so I thought I would immortalize them for my blog friends.


Ah, the post-it. One of life’s most useful office supply. Perfect for writing down notes that months from now will mean absolutely nothing to you. Take for example:

Coupon % decimal point MORON

Moron is written in all caps and underlined 3 times. I wonder who the moron was. Was I the moron? Another good one:

Call me right now OR ELSE

Left by a co-worker who apparently thought that vague threats were the best way to get the job done. (I brought this over to him and we got a good laugh.) And lastly:

Call Joe # 732 – Where is Indiana?

I actually remember that I wrote this not because I didn’t know where Indiana was, but because I needed to know which division of the company it is in, so that I could forward the message to the right person. But it’s still pretty funny.


One of those gummy hamburger shaped candies (individually wrapped). What the hell? Those are gross; I would never purchase one. My only guess is that it came in a holiday gift basket from a vendor and was discarded as unwanted.

Leaves from a plant that I killed months ago, found underneath a pile of stuff on a shelf.

A packet of hand-warmers. ???

Amazing the things you find when you clean, huh.



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2 responses to “Found cleaning

  1. -R-

    My favorite is that you have a note that says MORON.

  2. Oh, I find old post-its all the time that I can’t remember what they meant!

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