I recommend the Almond Joy-tini.

Turns out I was right and my keyboard is done. Fried. Also, sticky! When I tried to press the keys this morning I was treated to a nice crunchy sound. So now I am using one stolen borrowed from an empty cubicle, which would be fine if it didn’t sound like machine gun fire every time I pressed the keys. Seriously, who makes a keyboard this loud?

Anyway. This weekend Matt and I went to Mohegan Sun (a casino in Connecticut, for the non-East coasters). The trip was a Christmas present from Matt’s parents, so we were there with them, his sister and her fiance, and his brother and his friend. Even though I am not a huge fan of gambling, I had a great time. Because do you know what it turns out I ama huge fan of? Martinis. I had many varieties, and while I know that they are not ‘real’ martinis, but rather the martini’s girly cousin, they are still excellent.

For the record, I am also a huge fan of winning sixty dollars while playing the penny slots. Yes, I know! Penny slots! Who knew they could be so awesome?

While I am not a fan of being at work today, I am thrilled to report that my company is currently holding a big sales meeting out in Las Vegas. Some might ask if I am disappointed not to be there. I would respond with a big HELL TO THE NO. The meeting might as well be held in the middle of nowhere, because even though they are in Las Vegas, I can also promise that they are in a world of suck. And I am quite happy that I am here, and they are there, because literally almost every person that I work with is out of the office. This leaves me 3 glorious days to catch up on real live work instead of days full of meetings and getting more work thrown at me.

It also means that I got a GREAT parking space this morning. Wahoo.

In my last bit of news, I think I’ve mentioned before that Matt has a bearded dragon as a pet? Oscar is fine as lizards go – he doesn’t require much in the way of care, and while he may not be a cuddly creature, he is vaguely cute in a miniaturized Jurassic Park kind of way. Well, yesterday we returned home to find him sitting on top of his cage! We have no idea how he got there, or how long he has had the ability to crawl out the top (it closes, but there is a teeny tiny gap where his heat lamp clamps on to the tank).

I theorize that he got out and had some kind of grand adventure while we were gone. I don’t know how much grand adventure a bearded dragon could have in our basement, but I suppose it has something to do with the catching and eating of bugs. Not as good as a martini, but at least he had a fun Saturday night, right?


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  1. -R-

    Work trips are not fun, no matter where you go.

    That lizard totally invited all his lizard buddies over while you were away this weekend and had an awesome lizard party.

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