Vent it, baby.

I know that I hate change, and that could surely be part of it, but may I just state for the record that this adapting to a new boss thing? It, well, it completely and totally blows.

Seriously, woman, you either be up my ass or you can leave me the hell alone but YOU CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

Oh, AND? You should probably have an idea of what the hell I’m working on. That is, after all, why I give a detailed project list every damn week. MAYBE IF YOU READ IT YOU WOULD HAVE SOME FREAKING CLUE.

And I know, I know that you are very nice, and that I can learn a lot from you, and that you are just figuring out this new job of yours, but there is only so much patience that a girl can have, you know. I’m trying my best to roll with the punches, but it turns out that I am not just a very roll with the punches kind of person. Perhaps the color coded file folders should have given you a clue to that.

Gah. Someone please tell me that it will get better. Because deep down, I know that it will. Change is hard. Change takes time. But right now, all I see is a very frustrated me.



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2 responses to “Vent it, baby.

  1. Oh, I got a good laugh at the color-coded files. I have a coworker who does that, and yes, it was a clear indication that I need to handle working with her in a very specific way.

  2. Lol, I feel your pain. I say, give it a month to get used to the change. I always find that first month of a big change like a new boss never goes smoothly, even if it’s a positive change. During that time, if you get frustrated, that’s cool but try to just recognise that it’s part of the change process and it will get better when you’ve figured out how to relate better to the new boss’ work style, etc. After that, if it’s still bad, I say go and have a chat with her about her expectations of you, your typical work style etc so that hopefully you can be on the same page.

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