If you are going to set limits, you should make sure that they are not arbitrary ones.

So Matt got the offer for that new job yesterday but he did not officially accept until this morning. Last night when we were talking it over to make sure that he 100% wanted to accept, I made a comment that this will put us into a new ‘household income’ bracket. This only came up because I was filling out a feedback form/survey thing that asked for this information, and you know those bracket things are pretty much always the same.

At this point, Matt’s face lit up and he leaned forward excitedly. “You know,” he said, “you said that once we made over $X, we could get a dog.”

“I did not say that. You are lying.”

But no – he proceeded to recount every detail of the converstaion, including where I was sitting and what shirt I was wearing when I said it.

This from a guy who can’t remember to pick his damn shoes up off the floor, or that the cabinet needs to be closed after he opens it to get a glass. I guess he really wants a dog.



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3 responses to “If you are going to set limits, you should make sure that they are not arbitrary ones.

  1. -R-

    Congrats to Matt on the new job!

    I would just tell my husband that I changed my mind about the dog. But that is probably why he accuses me of trying to ruin everything. =)

  2. LOL on -R-‘s comment.

    I am the one in my relationship who is dying for a dog. The Horse Whisperer has a rule that we can have one when we have a yard. I think that’s reasonable.

  3. Does he remember the day that you told him? Because maybe it was April Fool’s Day. Yes, I definitely think you told him that on April Fool’s Day. You should go with that. You know, say his detailed memory triggered yours or something.

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