Blog? What blog?

Look, I know I’ve been really terrible at updating these last few weeks. The truth is, not a lot’s been happening – at least, not a lot that is worthy of an entire blog post. However, maybe some of these little postletts will make up something worthy of the publish button:

Cute dresses: When it rains, it pours

So I went shopping this weekend for the first time in a pretty long time. I mean serious shopping. Not browsing the racks for .2 seconds while Matt taps his foot impatiently. Not trying things on knowing that I have six dollars to my name so there is no chance in hell that I will be buying the item of clothing that is currently adorning my body.

I mean serious. Shopping. I mean hauling my loot into the dressing room and trying on what seems like half the store. I mean trying on 3 different sizes to figure out which one actually fits. (The hell? I mean, I know I shouldn’t expect consistency across different stores, but you’d think that within one store I could find a number and STICK WITH IT.) I mean spending some of my hard-earned cash (along with coupons, of course, because six dollars wasn’t that far off, and lest I wish to be in that situation again I better be careful).

Here is what I ended up with:


From Banana Republic – not linking because they are on sale and the link is sure to be dead soon, so if you want one get it quick!

I also got the following dress at ATL, along with a pair of jeans. I don’t know why I have never considered jeans from ATL before, since so much of their other stuff fits me well, but this was the first time it dawned on me to try them on. It went well. But, on to cute dresses:


This one is not available in petite, but it actually worked out very well, considering that I do not need my dresses to be that short. No siree, I will keep my leg showing to the knee and below portion only, please.

And lastly, I got a dress at Express. They don’t seem to have it on their site, but it looks very similar to this one (picture is from ATL):


I was also reminded why I rarely, if ever, shop at Express, because OMG THE TWEENS. They are taking over this earth. Save yourself from their glitter lip gloss, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Dressing rooms: DO YOU HAVE NO DECENCY?

When I was at the mall on Saturday, Banana Republic was one of the last places I visited. This mall is always crowded, so I wasn’t surprised that I had to wait for a dressing room. I WAS, however, surprised when the door to one of the occupied dressing rooms opened, and the girl inside invitied her boyfriend inside to ‘take a look at her outfit’. As he entered, the room next to that one opened up, so I went in to try on the purple dress.

And I was in there but 15 seconds before I heard, um… sounds. Sounds that should never eminate from the dressing room at Banana Republic, and, I mean, I’m no prude, but my EARS. They will never be the same.

Jobs: New ones – yay!

Matt called me a little while ago to say that he got an offer from this company that he had been interviewing with!! This is great news. He’s been unhappy with his current job for a little while, and then his old boss from his college co-op called him and – bam! New job, closer to our house, better pay, better long term opportunities, etc. It’s all very exciting, and the biggest benefit is to ME in that I won’t have to deal with his post road-rage ‘tude anymore.



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2 responses to “Blog? What blog?

  1. Liz

    Give Matt my congrats – that’s really great. What better way to celebrate than by buying yourself some new clothes? That’s a good place to spend his raise in salary!

  2. Cute dresses! Sometimes I wish I worked in an office with a dress code that required cute dresses (or the equivalent). Then I remember how the whole rest of the time, I love getting up and just putting on jeans and a sweater for work.

    Also, sounds from the dressing room??? Ewwww.

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