Has it really been that long since I’ve posted?

Wow. I didn’t think it had been that long, but it appears I was wrong. It’s not that I don’t care about blogging anymore, but a new love has taken over my life.

Vacation planning – I am a woman obsessed.

You see, we are going to California for two weeks in July. (Yes, July. I am a little early, hence the use of the word OBSESSED.) The main reason for the trip is to attend Liz’s wedding, and while obviously that is important to me, this is also an excuse for us to take a nice long vacation.

So on Sunday Matt and I tried to go skiing, but after one run down what amounted to a SOLID SHEET OF ICE, we promptly returned to the ski lodge and said no, thanks, please to not be skiing today. (We have passes that allow us a certain number of ski-days per season, and we have one day left, so hopefully this weekend the snow machines will be a-running and things will be much better. Also, this weekend I will be CALLING the mountain before making the hour drive, because the ski report on the mountain’s site was not so much helpful as DEAD WRONG.)

After returning home, I started kind of casually browsing online to look up some vacation information. This turned into approximately 6+ hours of intensive Vacation Research, complete with spreadsheets, file folders, and COLOR CODING.

Does acknowledging that I’m crazy make it any better?

I know that it really doesn’t sound that way based on the way I described it, but for me this kind of research is actually really FUN. I like to look at my options, and I like to know that I am not going to come home after a vacation and wish that I had only known about this great thing to go do/see. I like to find bargains, and make sure that I can stay within our budget, which also makes it especially important to research, since I do not have buckets of money sitting around to re-visit places because I’ve missed something.

When it comes to vacation planning, Matt has two options:

Me: “You can either be Involved or you can be Not Involved.”

Matt: “Does Involved include color coding things? Because if it does than I think I know my answer.”

Me: “Possibly, but you should know the rules before you make your decision.”

Matt: “There are RULES now?”

Me: “Yes. The rules are as follows. If you choose to be Involved, then you need to compare different options with me, and you need to have an opinion and discuss it with me, and you need to tell me what you want to do and where you want to go and how much you are willing to pay, and you need to care about things like the location and menu of the bed and breakfast in Napa.”

Matt: “Say no more…”

Me: “WAIT! You should also know that that if you choose to be Not Involved, then you will simply show up when and where I tell you to, and while your preferences will be taken into account while the Involved person is planning, you do not get to make any negative comments about anything. Any negative comments will be taken as negativity towards the Planner herself, who will not appreciate the comments, and then you may find yourself sleeping on the floor of what is sure to be a very excellent bed and breakfast. So you should consider that.”

Matt: “… You’re crazy. Now go back to planning and leave me out of it. And, uh, I’m sure whatever you plan will be wonderful.”

So far I have a list of activities a mile long, and I know that we’ll be spending 4 nights in San Francisco, followed by 3 nights in Napa, followed by 4 nights in Palo Alto (for the wedding). I’ve booked the Napa and Palo Alto hotels, and I think I’ve decided on which one I want for San Francisco.

And I’m actually glad that I started early, because we’ll be there over 4th of July, which is a really busy time, and July in general is prime vacation time out there. Since we know that I must have Choices so that I can Weigh Options, it’s good to start early. Plus, all of this planning makes me feel like we are actually much closer to leaving on a jet plane than we actually are.

What say you? Any vacation planning tips? Anything you want to recommend for us to do/see when we are there? Chances are that I’ve already researched it and filed it and color coded it, but there’s always a possibility that something slipped by me. It’s a slim possibility, to be sure, but I’d still love your input.



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4 responses to “Has it really been that long since I’ve posted?

  1. -R-

    I am thinking about going to San Francisco at the exact same time as you. Not to stalk you, but to see my dad who lives there. By the way, my dad works for a company that owns three hotels in San Fran; e-mail me if you want more info.

    I really love the Alcatraz tour.

  2. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area…I’m so jealous! My one recommendation is Ghiradelli square, but I’m sure it has already come up in your research! Get a hot fudge sundae at the ice cream place…you won’t be sorry!

  3. Liz

    Go to the Marin headlands. When you drive over the Golden Gate bridge, head up the moutain on the left side (you have to take some turn off or other to get there but you can find it in your research) and then you can see the bridge and the bay from way up high. If it’s not foggy, it’s the spot that gives you the golden gate bridge picture that every San Francisco tourist needs.

  4. The only time I was in San Francisco was for work, which basically means I saw the hotel and the airport. So I’m not much help.

    I have a friend who’s much like you with vacation planning. I usually pick a destination, do a wee bit of research to find out what the place has to offer, peruse a guide book on the airplane, but pretty much wing it other than that. It’s nice to travel with planners–people who actually love to do that sort of thing. Saves me the trouble of doing it myself. Matt’s a lucky man. 🙂

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