Very Important Hair Cut Update

So I called the salon tonight and I have an appointment for tomorrow at 6 to fix things up a bit. The lady I spoke to was very nice and understanding and I am hopeful that all will end well.

Thanks for commiserating with me – I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one to have received a Bad Cut, and that no one thought it was a completely stupid thing to whine about. I mean, really, it’s just hair. But, it’s also my hair! Wah.

Elizabeth asked very nicely to see a picture of the Cut of Doom, but I am sorry to say that I simply cannot comply. Call me vain, but I cannot allow the first picture of me posted on this site to be one that looks like I crawled out of a cave stuck my finger in a socket had an unfortunate accident with a weed whacker let Paula Abdul style my hair.

(Seriously, have you seen her hair recently? Is there a nest of birds in there or something? My lands!)

And geez, I guess if you can’t be ridiculous and dramatic and self-centered on your blog, were CAN you be?


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One response to “Very Important Hair Cut Update

  1. Hee. “My lands!” is totally a phrase we should all bring back.

    I hope the hair fixup goes well!

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