Laundry Woes and Cute Dresses

On Saturday afternoon, I was moving some laundry from the washer to the dryer when I noticed that several items in the washer, including my Very Favorite Sweater, had large yellow spots on them. I immediately burst from the laundry room to interrogate Matt about WHAT, EXACTLY, WAS IN YOUR POCKETS, AND HOW COULD YOU DO THAT MY SWEATER IS RUINED AND IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT AND NO I WILL NOT LOWER MY VOICE AND YES IT REALLY IS WORTH GETTING THIS UPSET ABOUT.

I may have been a little bit worked up about the sweater. However, my accusation was not without merit, since in the time we have lived together I have found the following items in either the washing machine or the dryer:

  1. Golf pencils, about 20 of them (note that these actually broke the dryer and I had to pay a repairman to come remove them from the innards of that stupid machine).
  2. Crayons from Friendly’s (WHY? Why, I ask.)
  3. Gum
  4. Mints
  5. An entire bag of Hall’s Cherry Throat Lozenges
  6. A package of crackers with peanut butter
  7. His cell phone (found before it was submerged in water, luckily)
  8. One of those cheap corkscrews that are like a buck at the liquor store
  9. A corkscrew AND pocketknife in one (Bonus! Also, I did not find that one until it was going round and round in the dryer and making the MOST HORRENDOUS clunking noise I have ever heard.)
  10. Assorted papers, business cards, pay stubs, credit cards, etc.

And that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head. Needless to say, I am usually very careful about checking pockets before starting the laundry. However, in this case I was convinced that I had missed something that something from his pants pockets would be the culprit.

So, I treated the yellow spots with stain remover and began a thorough search of the wet pile of laundry for the Yellow Spot Creator. And… nothing. I was almost ready to toss a yellow highlighter in there just so that I would have an excuse for my tirade.

It was a mystery! One that I hoped to solve before running the machine again and adding to the Yellow Spots of Rage. The only thing that the spots seemed to resemble in color was mustard. And therein lies the dilemma:

Matt does not eat mustard. (I KNOW – its an issue for another day.) I tried to remember the last time that I had, and I realized that it was actually on the day that I had worn the Very Favorite Sweater. Which leaves me with two options:

Option 1: The spots are a mystery. A mystery with no discernible cause, but luckily one that seems to be slowing going away with a liberal application of stain remover and several runs through the laundry.

Option 2: The spots came from a very very LARGE amount of mustard. That I spilled on my sweater. That I then walked around with all day and that was visible, front and center, as I presented to four separate groups of people in an all day meeting that I attended that day.

Which is worse? You decide.

Luckily, a co-worker assures me that she would have noticed, and that she would not have let me walk around all day like that. And based on the way the spots appeared, I tend to believe that it is not actually mustard. BUT – this is going to be one of those things that bothers me for a very long time. Yellow spots do not just appear, people. And no, I will not apologize to Matt until he is proved innocent. It’s guilty until proved innocent in my house, dammit.

Annnd, to totally change the subject, what do you think of this dress? I really like it, but current budgets being what they are, it would mean using up the last of my precious (so precious!) ATL gift cards that I received for Christmas/my birthday. So the good news that I wouldn’t be spending any of my precious (so precious!) cash, but the bad news is that any future purchases would need to be made with that precious (and limited!) cash supply.

I’m thinking that this dress would be versatile enough to wear to a few upcoming functions (bridal showers, weddings, a fancy dinner) which is what gives it such appeal. It’s definitely my style, and since literally every ‘nice occasion’ dress that I own is now about 3 sizes too big, I’m thinking that an investment wouldn’t be a bad move.

Or am I just trying to talk myself into thinking that I NEED it? Am the Queen of Justification.

What say you? Do you like the dress? Does it help if I told you that I already have shoes that will go with it? What if I told you that that has NEVER stopped me from buying shoes before??



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9 responses to “Laundry Woes and Cute Dresses

  1. I LOVE that dress. Love Love Love.

    It seriously is adorable and versatile.

  2. Men and their pockets! Why can’t they just carry purses?

    The dress is wonderful and amazing and the best dress ever. So, so, so great. Buy it. Or else you’ll have what Janssen calls non-buyer’s remorse. That is, when you don’t buy something and then regret not buying it.

  3. That is a major reason why my husband and I do our own laundry. If he wants to forgo emptying his pockets then he can ruin his own dang shirts!

    Love the dress! I vote get it. Think of it as an investment piece since you should be able to get a lot of wear out of it!

  4. I concur. Very cute and very versatile.

    I think (and I believe Stacy and Clinton would concur) that it needs red shoes. Or shoes in some other bright color. So unless those are the shoes to which you refer, I’m afraid you’re going to need a new pair. If you need me to explain this to Matt, let me know.

  5. BUY THE DRESS. I love it, you love it, it’s versatile and also ADORABLE. And then please post a picture of the shoes you will be wearing with it so that when *I* buy that dress, I will know exactly what to wear it with.

  6. -R-

    I do the laundry at my house too, and I have washed valuable things left in H’s pockets, like his wallet. He was so pissed off. So I reminded him that he is a freaking adult and should be able to check his own freaking pockets. Ummm… wow. I feel strongly about that. I can’t imagine your spots were caused by mustard, but I have no other suggestions for possible culprits.

    I think the dress is ok. I am not quite sold on it, but I do think it would be very versatile. You could wear it to all kinds of events because it is right inbetween fancy and casual.

  7. I love the dress too. I shop almost exclusively at Ann Taylor Factory Store (want to talk about budget!) and right now I’m wearing this little white sweater/shrug that would look so cute with it. Then, in the fall, I’d pair it with a black blazer, maybe leather, and wear it to the office. Heels, strapy sandals, wedges, cuteness. You could make endless accessorizing decisions just by mixing in some colors. You’d get your money’s worth with that one.

  8. Liz

    I think the dress is great. It would be lovely at the many rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and weddings that you have to go to this summer….

  9. The dress is very cute. I also love Superfantastic’s reasoning about the shoes.

    As for the yellow spots, I have a possible explanation. It’s a long shot, particularly if nothing else in that load of wash had similar spots, but… I noticed yellow marks on a bunch of my clothes when they came out of the washer once, too. Then I noticed (when I let some water run in a white dish pan) that the water itself was yellowish-rusty looking. I called the water department, and a very bored-sounding woman with clearly no concern whatsoever for my whites explained that a fire hydrant had probably been activated in my neighborhood that day, and that typically releases water into the water system that’s been sitting in the pipes for a while. She said it was harmless, but I do not consider staining my clothes harmless!! Since then, I try to always do a load of darks before a load of whites, just in case I need to give the water time to run clear.

    That was a very long comment (and a very late one, too). Carry on.

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