Don’t underestimate the power stripe.

We’ve been working on learning a lot of Hustle steps in dance class lately. Hustle is a lot of fun – it’s fast, it looks really cool and impressive, and there are a lot of interesting steps – but it is also HARD. As in, after a class my feet are in agony (because I stay on the balls on my feet the whole time in order to keep momentum, heels never touch the floor) and believe it or not my abs actually hurt (from keeping perfect posture – again, it’s a momentum thing).

So last night we were working on a few new moves (yes, we went to dance class even though I was half on my deathbed – mostly because I somehow forgot that we had a lesson until 10 minutes before we had to leave, and it was too late to cancel) and one of them was a move that if Matt doesn’t do properly, he basically ends up strangling me. All of the moves have names, but sometimes I can’t remember them all, so I make up my own. I call this one ‘Lady gets strangled.’

After we worked on trying NOT to strangle me, we then worked on two more moves. In one of them, Matt turns me to the outside; in the other, he turns me to the inside. He was having trouble leading them and remembering which one went which way. Finally, he asked me how I can always remember the difference between the two when he has no clue.

“Well,” I said, “remember how I make up my own names for certain moves so that I can remember how to do them?”


“Well, in my head I think of these two moves as ‘Smell Matt’s Armpit’ and ‘Get Away from Matt’s Smelly Armpit’. Because, you know, in the first one I am coming towards you and the second one I am turning away.”

“That’s so offensive I don’t even know where to begin.”

“Well, to be fair, it’s usually more like ‘Smell Matt’s Deodorant’. That’s some really powerful stuff you’re using, you know.”



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2 responses to “Don’t underestimate the power stripe.

  1. I find this absolutely hilarious.

    And I want to take dancing lessons with The Spouse. But neither of us have any rhythm and not much coordination. Maybe we should take singing lessons together instead.

  2. Hehehehe. I love that. I think made up names are way more fun 🙂

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