I don’t think he will use the word ‘essentially’ ever again.

This morning I called the doctor’s office promptly at nine. I wasn’t worried, I mean, not REALLY worried, but maybe just a teensy tiny bit worried. Just worried enough to play the message about 987 times last night to listen to the exact tone and inflection of the word ‘essentially’.

Of course my doctor was with a patient, so the office took my info and said they’d have him call me back. (I made sure they knew to call my work phone. I actually lied and told them that we were getting rid of our house phone, so they shouldn’t call that number anymore.) Dr. B called me back a little while ago, and it turns out that ‘essentially normal’ is actually a pretty good way of describing things, unless you are describing them on someone’s answering machine 10 minutes before your office closes.

It turns out that the MRI shows no cause for the migraines (which is what we expected) but it did show that I have what is called a ‘pineal cyst’. I can’t find a link that has complete enough information to do a concise job of explaining this, but basically the pineal gland lives on the brain stem and controls melatonin. It’s not completely uncommon to have a cyst there  – most people would never know they had one because most people don’t get MRI’s of their brain – and in almost all cases it doesn’t cause any symptoms.

In my case, it is not causing any problems. Mine’s not as tiny as most are (most are under 2 milimeters and mine is around 5) so they will want me to have another MRI in a year to make sure it didn’t grow. But really, it’s not a big deal at all.

Of course when the doctor told me this, I promptly began Google-ing before he could even explain what it was. As he was explaining, he said, “You’re on Google right now, aren’t you.” (Apparently I am predictable.) I tried to pretend that I wasn’t until he said, “I can hear you typing, you know.” Caught red handed.

I was able to get him back though, when I casually mentioned that perhaps his message on the machine was not the best example of bedside manner. At first he didn’t know what I meant, until I explained about that pesky little word ‘essentially’. Then he was horrified. “I said that? I didn’t mean to say that! I’m so sorry!” Haha. I felt a little bad for teasing since I really do like my doctor – he’s a nice guy and he actually treats me like a real person (hence the comments about Google-ing as he knows that I ALWAYS do that).

So, I guess that’s probably all you need to know about my brain (except, of course, that it is large and super-smart). Have a good weekend!



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7 responses to “I don’t think he will use the word ‘essentially’ ever again.

  1. -R-

    Yay! I am so glad to hear the good news.

    When he asked if you were using Google, you should have said that you were sending your friends and family an e-mail to let them know you were ok since they were so freaked out by his use of the word “essentially.” Heh.

  2. *phew*

    I like that your doctor teases you a bit. I am tempted to move way the hell to wherever it is that you live so that he can be my doctor. I’m about two seconds away from firing mine… except it’s practically impossible to find a doctor in my city that will accept new patients, so I can’t really ditch him!

  3. Did they give you pretty pictures? Glad your brain’s fine and super smart!

  4. Oh whew. Glad to hear everything’s OK. Also, I’m with Miss Squirrel–sounds like a good doctor to me.

    Yes, to both you and Miss Squirrel – he is awesome. I think that he is a pretty new doctor (at least, he was new to that practice, which was why he was accepting new patients). Some people might think that’s a bad thing, but I love that I can joke and that he is willing to work with me to figure stuff out… I think maybe some doctors who have been around longer think that they know everything and aren’t willing to treat you like a human. Plus, I mean, he went to med school, so I really think that ‘new’ is relative. But maybe you could try that (finding someone newer/younger) if moving to Boston is not an option.

  5. I read this post and then the one below it and hell yes, I would have started googling. “Essentially normal”? The hell? It’s not like he was speaking of your arm, he was talking about your BRAIN.

    Regardless, glad that you’re ‘essentially’ just fine. 🙂

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I could live with an arm that was only “essentially normal”. A brain? Well, I’d like that to stay as normal as possible, please.

  6. Sharon

    (from Lori’s friend) A bunch of years ago I got an MRI to look around for causes of my frequent migraines, but they found even less noteworthy about my brain than yours. After a visit sometime later to the dentist to convince him that there are little elves inside my mouth who come out at night and file my molars into incredibly sharp fang-like structures that cause me to inflict small flesh wounds on my back inner-cheeks, I learned that actually I grind my teeth at night, something my mother used to tell me I did as a child. This grinding turned out to be a major source of my migraines. When I sleep with a mouthguard in, I decrease the chance of a migraine the next day. And I have also discovered that I only really need to use the mouthguard during those special times each month, as that is when the migraines were particularly frequent. A lot of personal information, perhaps, but all in the name of offering information that might prove helpful. Perhaps you, too, grind or clench? Almost sexy sounding, no? OK, no.

  7. teacherswife99

    Hmm, any idea if the pineal cyst can have anything to do with the migraines? Recently I had an MRI that showed a pineal cyst (had it done because of migraines) but get this.. I still haven’t gotten a call from my Dr about this.. I only know because I got a copy of the records from the place that did the MRI. This was a couple of months ago. Next time I see my Dr I’m going to try to remember to bring this up. hmph

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