Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland; 6 inches of wet, heavy snow already on the ground and another 6 (or more!) to come. It’s pretty snow (the wet kind always sticks to the trees and to everything else, which is pretty) but it’s also realllly heavy and a pain to shovel. Luckily since Round One of shoveling is already done, I can sit and relax until it’s time for Round Two.

I had my MRI on Friday afternoon, and it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in my life, but it was OK. I’m not terribly claustrophobic; I actually would rather be in a teeny tiny place all by myself than in a larger space with a lot of people (which is why crowded elevators and really busy malls make me a bit twitchy). But still, I think my heart was hammering as loud as the machine at one point! Of course you don’t get any results right on the spot, so I’ll be waiting for a call from the doctor sometime this week. I’m not concerned, though, since this was just a precautionary measure.

In my last bit of boring medical news, I started on the preventative medication on Friday night. I was kind of expecting it to just knock me right out, like Nyquil does, but it didn’t. However, on Saturday morning I was a groggy, foggy, dizzy mess. Fun!  I’m going to try to find the “right” time to take this stuff at night – I’m hoping that by taking it earlier in the evening I’ll be able to eliminate some of the morning fog. And since it doesn’t seem to make me all that sleepy at night (not so much that I can’t function) I see no problem with taking it a bit earlier.

I’ve had a few other minor side effects (dry mouth, slower heart rate, both of which I was told would likely happen) but nothing too awful. And I know it’s only been a few days, but so far no migraines! I’m not ready to declare victory yet, but I’m feeling good. Wahoo!

Now the only thing to decide is what to do with my snow day. I’m thinking a Pirates of the Caribbean  marathon is in order, since I got the 3rd movie for Christmas and haven’t watched it yet. A little hot chocolate, a cozy throw blanket, and some Jack Sparrow – what could be better than that?



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5 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. andyouknow

    I’m glad the MRI wasn’t too bad.

    Have fun on your snow day!

  2. Elizabeth

    God, I hated Pirates 3. Total dissapointment. You can read my thoughts here:

    I was inspired to start a blog to keep my family updated since we are 3000 miles apart. So far its working as I had hoped. Love reading yours! Elizabeth

  3. Liz

    Snow day! That sounds nice. Maybe I will move to New England next…

  4. I envy you your snow day, but not your snow.

  5. Sarah

    Glad it’s over and went well, and you haven’t been migraine-ing. Enjoy Jack Sparrow–I do every morning with coffee!

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