Attention Winter: You are officially on notice.

Did anyone watch the Today Show this morning and see Al Roker reporting on the weather ‘live from Boston’? I take issue with this for several reasons. First of all, he kept saying that he was reporting from Government Square, and I don’t know why but I could not get over the  back that he got the name wrong, and so I kept screaming “Center, it’s Center you moron” at the television screen. Secondly, I really don’t understand why this storm was important enough to necessitate Al Roker traveling to our fair city to report live. Yes, it was a shitload of snow, and yes it fell really fast, and yes the commute sucked for a large number of people, but this is Boston after all, and we are no strangers to snow. Come report on it when we get 4 feet, not 1.

Other things I take issue with:

The fact that it took me an hour to get home yesterday afternoon when I live less than 7 miles from work.

The HOUR that it took me to dig my car out this morning.

The guy who plows our driveway, because I think he charges too much, and because he didn’t bother to ring the doorbell to tell us that he was plowing, so we didn’t move our cars, so they were plowed in, and have I mentioned that it took me an HOUR to dig out my car after that? If he had just let us know that he was plowing we would have moved our cars and it would taken him 2 minutes to plow the snow instead of the hour that it took me.

Anyone who is currently wearing dry socks and shoes. Because I am not.

Luckily this morning we were still somewhat in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ phase of the snow (as opposed to the ‘dirty brown slush’ phase that we will surely be in soon). Also, on Sunday I am finally using a spa gift certificate that I’ve been hanging onto for a while to get a massage and a facial. This does not make me feel better about the fact that I am wearing wet socks, but perhaps it will help me to feel less like an 80 year old woman, because, you know, I spent an HOUR shoveling my car out this morning.

Winter, you suck.



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5 responses to “Attention Winter: You are officially on notice.

  1. But think of the great exercise you got while shoveling!

    I’m not wearing dry socks and shoes. I’m wearing flip flops. Because I live in AZ.

    And you probably kind of hate me right now.

  2. Liz

    Sounds like it’s time to buy some boots! Yay internet shopping! And I liked seeing Al Roker in your fair city this morning – it made me think of you.

  3. Sarah

    Every winter (and most of the rest of the year, too) I’m so glad I picked the Bay Area over Boston. I’m just not a cold-weather kind of girl. Because really? It’s 50 here and I’m wearing coats, gloves, scarves, whatnot. Umm…Sorry!

    Have fun at the spa!

  4. Ugh. We had a bit of that two weeks ago. It can hold off for the rest of the winter now; thank you!

  5. Yay! It’s not just me with the internet winter bashing! It’s snowing here again. AGAIN.

    I will say that I could not be more pleased with my snow boots. I don’t think I’ve owned any since probably middle school. Mine are of the Airwalk brand from Payless and now that I’ve waterproofed them, they’re quite nice. I have also noticed that rain boots are back and very cute and a lot of women here are wearing them in lieu of snow boots for sock-keeping-dry purposes. has so many cute patterns that I am paralyzed by indecision.

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