Next to our house there is a line of trees on a kind of rocky hill thing. In addition to the trees, there are some shrub-type plants and what appears to be a solid ton of leaves. (The leaves in the yard have been raked, but this area of our property is what we like to call au natural. Or perhaps untamed by man. Look, we appreciate nature, what can I say.)

This morning as I was leaving the house I saw something moving in the untamed rocky hill area. I assumed it was just a squirrel or something, but once I got into my car the creature climbed down the rocky hill and ran off along the side of our house. I wasn’t sure until I got to work and looked up pictures, but now I am pretty positive that it was a coyote. (It looked exactly like the picture on the right side of the page.)

I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised – we do live near the woods, and we’ve seen deer, raccoons, etc in our backyard – but it’s not like we are in a rural area! We live in a large suburb which has several major highways, a giant mall, and lots of office buildings in it. It’s a little strange to be living with this type of wildlife. (And, I guess, a little sad, because I’m sure the wildlife was there before we were.)

I mentioned it to a few people at work and they all said that you are supposed to call the town (animal control, I guess) if you see a coyote. On the one hand, I feel a little odd doing this – like they are going to laugh and say ‘so what’. Also, I cannot be 100% positive that it wasn’t just someones very ugly dog that got loose. However, it definitely didn’t look like or move like a dog, it wasn’t wearing a collar, and I would also feel terrible if it ate someones pet. Or, you know, if it ate me. And they are known to carry rabies. So I guess I will be calling.

Of course, I know if it had been Matt who had seen it this morning, he would have been running toward it hoping to make it his pet! And then we would name it Cujo.



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3 responses to “Cujo

  1. -R-

    Ha! Even Matt might not want a coyote living in the house. I hope.

    I think in his quest for a puppy he probably wouldn’t care! Silly boy…

  2. I think it was Dooce I was reading the other week where she linked to a site where a woman was raising a coyote like a puppy. It was ridiculously cute and it made me want a wild animal of my very own.

    On second thought maybe it wasn’t a coyote but some sort of wild animal and perhaps I should leave this by saying, wild animals can be adorable and you should totally name it Cujo if you get one. The end.

    You know, I did think of that, as I think that I saw/read the same thing. But this wild animal was not cute. It was kind of… mangy and mean looking. If I was going to get a cute wild animal to raise it would be more along the lines of a tiger cub. Awww…

  3. My parents live a few minutes from us and they get coyotes ALL the time. They’re mangy little suckers with a taste for the neighborhood cats. I’m not a fan.

    I went to school at BYU in Provo, UT and the south side of campus is this huge hill that’s all covered in trees and vegetation. It’s a little wilderness in the middle of…not wilderness. But I saw more deer on that hill than I have seen anywhere else in my life. I’m not sure how they get there (middle of a city!) or if they live there or what, but they scared the pee out of me more than once.

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