A rare Saturday post

I’m not normally known for weekend posting, but since I find myself sitting here surrounded by three (3) computers that are constantly refreshing with the solitary goal of purchasing some Red Sox tickets as a Christmas gift for Matt, who better get me something good AND PREFERABLY SPARKLY to make up for this bullshit.

I’ll just go ahead and admit that I am in one hell of a craptastic mood this fine morning, and if you’re not interested in some mindless bitching and whining (some of it about bodily functions), you probably want to skip this entry.

Somehow my body has decided that weekends! Weekends are the perfect time for head-pounding migraines! Which sucks, because I really, REALLY value my weekends, and would prefer not to be spending a good portion of them wishing for someone to put me out of my misery.

And that is why I have been awake since approximately 3am. Which doesn’t make a person happy, in case you were wondering.

Oh! To add to this fun, my body has also decided that no migraine is complete without a side order of crippling nausea. So yeah, there’s also been that since about 3am, and let me just state once and for all that when you are throwing up your anti-nausea medicine? That is just WRONG. Not fair, body.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you about talk of bodily functions.) You know how the worst part of throwing up is when you are throwing up but there is nothing in your stomach to actually go… up, usually because you’ve already thrown up about 87 times? Am I the only one who goes into the kitchen looking for something to eat that will be the least awful thing to throw up later, because I can’t stand the thought of throwing up nothing again? Or is this just a sign that I am a Champion Vomiter, a title that I would really rather not hold?

(And trust me, I really would rather not be a Champion Vomiter. There is nothing forced or bullemia-ish about this – I just have a weak stomach and nausea is a known side effect of migraines.)

So anyway, that is how I find myself sitting here, waiting for the three (3) computers to refresh and hopefully let me purchase some Red Sox tickets, while eating Saltines and hoping like hell that they stay down already, so that I can take some medicine and be done with this. Welcome to the weekend. Boo hoo.



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2 responses to “A rare Saturday post

  1. I had experience with that very thing last weekend, although my nausea was not caused by a migraine. No, no, mine was caused by far too much boxed wine. But yes, I did think about what I could eat that would be the least unpleasant coming up and still less unpleasant than throwing up nothing because that had gotten very old. Let this be a lesson to all of you kids out there: if you are 30 and someone suggests a drinking game, realize that you are far too old and no longer an accomplished drinker.

  2. “Am I the only one who goes into the kitchen looking for something to eat that will be the least awful thing to throw up later” -I totally did that too. I threw up all day every day for the first 18.5 weeks of pregnancy. I learned very quickly that drinking orange juice with everything just makes whatever comes back up orange flavored. Much better than spaghetti, chicken, or potato flavored, in my opinion.

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