Not even a hint of a theme…

I’ve been a little, well, grouchy this week, which has led to not much in the way of posting. Because you know what they say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I know, I know, that’s never stopped me before, but honestly I feel downright Scrooge-like being grouchy during the holiday season.

On one bright, shiny note, thanks for your comments on the Queen Mother story. I had a surprising amount of fun detailing the less flattering moments of my life. Also, I feel vindicated because YES. YES, it was totally his fault. (The guy on the cell phone, I mean.)  Stupid guy. Look what you made me do.

I was also glad to hear that I am not the only one who gets stressed out about this stuff. Really, if you only knew the things I get stressed out about! You’d commit me in a heartbeat. It’s ridiculous but it’s the way I am, and I am glad to know that there are others like me out there.


Would you continue to use a shampoo that was bright purple and smelled just a little too much like Pine-sol? What if it made your hair shiny and soft and bouncy? I bought this shampoo on a whim because I was buying my normal shampoo online and they were offering a huge discount on this one so I thought I’d give it a try. (Also, I needed to spend a few more dollars to get free shipping, and I would rather pay for another shampoo than for shipping. Am frugal. Except that I buy expensive hair products. Whatever.)

I guess I don’t have an issue with the way it looks or smells, and I don’t thinkthat my hair smells like Pine-sol now, so I guess I’m cool with it.


Hey! -R- has a new site!And it’s really purty, especially now that she has taken down the creepy bunny picture from the top of the page. (Sorry, -R-, but that bunny was scary.)


We got the dreaded ‘wintry mix’ on Monday, and now the ground is a solid sheet of ice. I don’t mind snow – well, not that much – but the wintry mix has got to be the worst type of precipitation possible. Also, I would like to echo Lori’s sentiment about winter: This is why people don’t believe in global warming. Because when I am freezing my ass off it sure doesn’t seem like there is any global warming going on. AND IT IS ONLY DECEMBER. Wah.


Happy weekend, friends!



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2 responses to “Not even a hint of a theme…

  1. andyouknow

    The bunny scared me too, so it’s ok!

    On the shampoo question, do you mind the smell? Aveda stuff makes my hair look nice, but the smell makes me insane with rage, so I don’t use it.

    Hey look at me making a comment in your comment!
    I don’t hate the smell… it’s a little weird but I think the result is worth it. I’ll just have to make a point of using good smelling conditioner so that I don’t end up smelling weird!

  2. andyouknow

    I am impressed with your comment response!

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