Guest Post: Sherry’s embarrassing moment.

Today we have the very first guest post on my blog, which is very exciting. Sherryhas graciously agreed to share her very own embarrassing moment. She also very nicely said that I could feel free to edit it, but I did not because it is perfect as is. So, enjoy reading, and please pop over to Sherry’s blog to thank her for sharing this very funny story.


The day my older brother got his driver license my family was driving home from visiting my grandfather in the north side of Dallas somewhere. We were driving along- with my brother in the driver’s seat, my mother in the passenger seat, my little sister behind my brother, and me behind my mother- when WHAM somebody made a left-hand turn into us. We whirled out of control through the intersection until we slammed into a light pole.

It was this point in my life when I learned that I pass out easily. I learned this because during this whole ordeal I found myself passing out numerous times. I began passing out rather immediately. In fact, I don’t actually remember getting hit. I do remember a loud noise and endless spinning. And then I remember waking up. When I woke up, my mother and brother had exited the car, and only my sister and I remained. A helpful gentleman was in the front seat asking my sister and I if we were okay. While he was there, I saw my mother fall and commenced freaking out.

The nice man said I ought to stay in the car. But how was I supposed to do that with my mother on lying on the ground outside of the car? I pushed him out of the way (because my door wouldn’t open, I had to crawl to the front seat in order to get out), and I said, “Get out of my way, dude!” Of course, this man was not what you would normally consider a “dude.” In fact, I think he was black. Also, he was in the passenger seat, so I literally pushed him out of the way so I could get to my mom.

And then I passed out. I don’t remember much of the next part except waking up here and there, being utterly confused and in a lot of pain. Although I didn’t break anything, I was bruised rather badly. People kept standing over me asking me if I was okay and then saying, “You’re bleeding! It looks like you busted your lip.” This, to me, was rather obnoxious because my lip did not hurt at all, but my legs, hips and head were killing me.

Eventually the paramedics got there, and this is where the story really gets good. I got put on a backboard and gurney and the whole nine yards. As the paramedics worked with me, I could only see one of them, but I knew two were there. They asked me things like where I was hurt and such. Then they wheeled me to the ambulance and put me. At this point, I finally saw the other paramedic. And wow! He was cute. And I told him so. “You’re hot!” I said. I do not remember what he said, but what would you say if a seventeen-year-old just told you such a thing?

And then the ambulance drive. I was wearing my color guard (flag twirling girl) jacket, and I was captain that year. One paramedic said, “Wow. Captain, eh? You must be pretty good.” “Yes, I’m the best one on the whole team,” I told him. I guess I was saying “like” a lot because one of them mimicked me (jokingly of course), and I replied, “Hey! I may talk like I’m dumb, but I’m not! I’m third in my class! I’m very smart!” (Clearly I was not a very humble teenager).

Also, in the ambulance I told the paramedics that my father was in Brooklyn, when actually he was at Brookhaven Community College taking a Spanish class. I also called my older sister and left a hilarious message on her phone. If I were ever to be drunk, I’m pretty sure I would sound like that. “Hiiiiii Teresa. I’m in an aaaambulance. Steven wrecked the car!” etc. Really, you need to hear me do an impression of myself to get the full effect here.

We spent several hours at the hospital until we were finally all able to leave. And before we left, guess who I saw? That’s right. The hot paramedic. He was still hot. At least I wasn’t delusional about that. Unfortunately, he saw and recognized me, and it dawned on me that I had said such an embarrassing thing.


P.S. I am already working on writing the Queen Mother for tomorrow. I need to do it in stages, because it is long and I turn red every time I start writing it. I really hope you like it, because of how much I have been hyping it, but no matter what I can assure you that it is still really and truly embarrassing to this day!


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  1. Wow. So car accident = truth serum!
    That story was hilarious. I feel terrible for your brother, though… An accident the DAY he got his license? That super-sucks.

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