I am not dead. And while I realize that not posting for 3 days out of the month that requires posting ever day is a horrible offense, of which the only excusable excuse would be death, well… na na na NAH na you can’t make me do it.

Sorry. I might be a little stressed out. I might also be going home to the largest, most delicious glass of wine in the whole freaking world. Or, you know, several of them.

I promise to be back with less Crazy and more Embarrassing tomorrow. Pinky swear.



Filed under NaBloPoMo 2007

3 responses to “NaBlohpleasemakeitstop

  1. That’s funny because it was today that I officially quit the NaNohpleasemakeitstop. At least you’re still hanging in there.

  2. It’s the 25th! You PINKY SWEARED! I am now very concerned for your immortal soul. I’m pretty sure the penalty for breaking a pinky swear is an eternity of watching reruns of Pinky and the Brain or something like that.

  3. -R-

    I hope you are feeling less stressed!

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