NaBloPoMo – An Intermission

For an explanation of my NaBloPoMo theme, click here.

Things I have recently discovered:

I am only halfway through NaBloPoMo. How is that possible?

I skipped a number somewhere in my numbering scheme. (8, I think.) But then I had messed it all up anyway since the first one didn’t have a number, but now I feel obligated to continue the numbers. So tomorrow will be number15. And there will only be 28 numbers at the end. And there will be no number 8.

I seem to be short a few stories somehow, even though I thought I counted at the beginning and I had enough. There are other stories I could tell… but I told myself that I wouldn’t write any stories that involved someone other than me as the primary embarrassee. (Even if I was there or was embarrassed in some way.) SO. How about a guest post? Come on. You know you want to. Pretty please??

This has been fun, but I am really looking forward to not posting every day. I am actually looking forward to that more than I am looking forward to no longer revealing my most idiotic and klutzy self on the Internet. Of course, it doesn’t help that NaBloPoMo happened to fall during a time when work has been insane. (INSANE, I tell you.)

Speaking of work, (if you aren’t prepared for a whiny tirade, you can just skip to the next paragraph) you know what sucks? Work sucks, at least it has lately. Budget planning REALLY sucks, because MATH SUCKS. Feeling physically ill from stress on your drive to work sucks. Being almost done is pretty good, but not being completelydone sucks. Boo hoo. Feel bad for me. Send wine. (So that I can have less whine. Ha.)

Soooo… that’s all I’ve got. I think tomorrow’s story is a pretty good one, and it will also be long, you can just pretend that I am saving my writing energy for tomorrow. Because obviously it wasn’t spent on today.

Also, any volunteers for guest posts, please (PLEASE!) e-mail me at onesmartcookie1231 at yahoo dot com, or leave a comment letting me know that I am not the only one dumb enough to post this stuff. (You can remain anonymous if you want!) Otherwise you are guaranteed at least a few days of this drivel before the month of November is over. Act now!


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One response to “NaBloPoMo – An Intermission

  1. Sarah

    Congrats on being half done; only half more and you can stop posting by the calendar. I think you skipped #9, actually, but no worries–at least you have an 8!

    Hope you were either squarely in the middle of the UofA melee, or far enough away from it all. Go boys go! Way to womp Oregon!

    I give you fair warning I’m a UofA men’s basketball fan(atic), and the season has officially started. Do you pay attention to them at all? I can write you an “I-heart-Zona” post if you need a day off.

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