NaBloPoMo #8 – As if I needed more material…

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Apparently the universe felt that I needed more blog material, because this fine story happened today. And for this, I would like to say, No, universe, you need to cut it out right now.

I’ve mentioned before that I work for a really large company, and I’ve been lucky enough lately to be working on the marketing for a big new thing. (Thing = initiative in corporate-speak OR badass, very cool project in regular-speak.) One of the great things about this project is that, since it is so important (the main reason I got a promotion is because I am assigned to this project), it also gets me a lot of visibility within the company. That might sound lame, but this is my career, so being noticed is really good and important to me.

Another nice thing about this project is that the person who heads up business/sales for this project is pretty awesome. He’s very well respected, and one of the best things is that he always gives credit where credit is due. Sounds obvious but it can be a rare thing, trust me.

(By the way, it’s the same guy I wrote about here. So I have already made an ass of myself in front of him.)

(Also, crap, now I can’t use that story for another day of NaBloPoMo. Oh well.)

So, I recently worked on some brand spanking new marketing materials for this project, and they were pretty freaking cool, if I do say so myself. So the guy that heads up this project was in a meeting with the president of our very large company, and he tells him about these new materials. The president asks to see them, and the project guy (I really should have given him a name) says that he doesn’t have any, but they can stop by my desk since he’s sure that I have some samples.

The this important project owner man and the very important president of the company came to visit me in my cubicle. I was sitting here, typing something when they came by (luckily I was not shopping for shoes online – not that I would ever do that, ahem, ahem), and for some reason I was also sitting on my foot. I definitely do move around in my chair a lot, because otherwise I get horribly uncomfortable, but I do not usually sit on my foot. And I never will again. Because…

When I got up to greet them and shake hands with the president (luckily he does know me a little bit from a project I worked on earlier this year, so this was not his first interaction with me) my foot was asleep. Actually half of my leg was asleep. And have you ever tried to get up suddenly when your foot was asleep, and you didn’t even know it was asleep? Do you know what will happened when you step on that foot? Let me tell you – you will kind of… fall over. You might, if you are me, kind of fall over onto the president of the company you work for, the one who is trying to shake your hand at the time.

Also, you will have to grimace your way through the next 5 minutes worth of conversation, because you have the WORST PINS AND NEEDLES OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, OH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. So you may not be able to properly appreciate the praise that is being heaped upon you. (Bring on the praise, baby.)

You will, however, have time to reflect upon the question of whether your face was tomato-red or fire engine-red after you half fell down on the president of the company.



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2 responses to “NaBloPoMo #8 – As if I needed more material…

  1. Oh, dear lord. I am so sorry that happened, but that totally made me laugh. So there’s that.

  2. My foot fell asleep while I was in a meeting in my boss’s office yesterday, too. As I have known her for ten years and really am not too worried about looking like an uncoordinated fool in front of her, I just shook it off.

    Bummer for you, though! I’m sure big important president guy was just amused.

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