NaBloPoMo #3 – Back That Thang Up

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Here’s another one from the category of  ‘might have been less embarrassing if Matt and I had been dating longer.’ Or… maybe not, as I’m pretty sure I would have been just as mortified if it had happened yesterday. You be the judge.

This particular incident happened on the first Thanksgiving that Matt and I were dating. By this time I knew his family fairly well, and was just getting to the point where I felt really comfortable with them. We spent the first part of the day at his mom’s sister’s house, and then went to his dad’s sister’s house. (I guess this is how it is when you are close to your family and everyone lives in the same general area?)  While there, Matt had a few beers – nothing major, but since I hadn’t had anything to drink it was decided that I should drive home.

As everyone headed out and said their good-byes, we stood in the driveway with Matt’s sister, cousin, and uncle. We chatted for a few minutes and then decided it was time to head home. We got into Matt’s car, I adjusted the seat, got ready to leave, and – wham – backed into his sister’s car, which was parked directly behind his, and which I SWEAR I did not see at all, because I am not in the habit of backing up without looking behind me.

Anyone who has done this before knows that the horrible thud of impact sounds much worse than it is. I mean, the car was at an idle, my foot wasn’t even on the gas, neither car was new, and for crying out loud that’s what bumpers were made for! And yet, I was horrified as I jumped out of the car, because Matt’s sister is maybe just the tiniest bit high strung, and I had just backed into her car while she was standing less than 10 feet away.

Of course, it didn’t help the situation that Matt was laughing about it. Word of advice: when your girlfriend is flipping out about the possibility that she may be disowned from your family, you may not want to laugh at her.

I apologized my ass off, and kept doing so as they checked for damage. There was none, a his sister actually traded in the car several weeks later, but I still flushed a deep shade of red the next time we saw Matt’s cousin and he said, “Hey – you’re the girl who backed into his sister’s car, right? Nice going!”

What can I say – apparently I’m not your best bet for a designated driver.



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3 responses to “NaBloPoMo #3 – Back That Thang Up

  1. -R-

    Of course they had to be standing there watching the whole thing. At least no damage was done!

  2. Ugh. I did that to my sister’s boyfriend’s car once. I was in high school; they were in college and had been dating probably less than a year. I felt awful. They eventually got married, though, so apparently he didn’t hold it against me or our whole family. Of course, now they’re divorced, so it’s all a moot point. (Speaking of points, did I have one? I guess not. Moving on…) 😉

  3. Sounds like an excellent excuse to always be the designated drinker.

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