NaBloPoMo – An Introduction

For anyone who doesn’t know what that crazy word in the title is, click here.

I decided to join this year because I’m really enjoying this blogging thing; I’ve stuck with it for over a year now and I know I’ll keep with it. And while I might not be the funniest, or deepest, or even most grammatically correct blogger out there, it’s fun for me and that’s all that matters.

Now, here’s where the catch comes in, because if all I really enjoyed was writing for myself, I’d have a diary hidden under my bed. I’d be lying if I said that this blog was just for me, unless I said it was for ME to enjoy other people reading what I wrote and commenting about it. See how I just slid in that bit of blatant narcissism? I’m smooth.

So this here little ol’ narcissist would like it if more people read her blog. That’s where NaBloPoMo comes in. (Also, my clumsiness. But we’ll get to that in a minute.)

Every day this month I’ll be posting about my most embarrassing moments. These won’t really be in any particular order, except for the last one, which is the Queen Mother of Embarrassment, a story that only 3 people in this world know, and 2 of them only know it because they were there at the time. The third knows better than to make fun of me if he ever wants to see me naked again.

However, (back to narcissism) I am not giving up these stories for nothing. In order to keep the embarrassment coming, I need to get more readers. So, tell your friends! The more people who come find out what a moron I am, the better. You will not hear the Queen Mother of all embarrassing stories unless I see more readers. Now hop to it!

(I should also mention that I am kind of easily embarrassed. That’s not to say that these stories won’t be good, but to say that I 100% guarantee that I will be blushing and gritting my teeth through posting all of them. Because yes, I am still embarrassed by things that happened to me in the 7th grade. You should sympathize with my pain.)

Also, if you are feeling brave you should feel free to share your own embarrassing stories! You can either leave them in the comments or send them to onesmartcookie1231 at yahoo dot com. I promise to be kind.

So there you have it! NaBloPoMo 2007 begins.

I’m blushing already.



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20 responses to “NaBloPoMo – An Introduction

  1. This is the greatest idea for NaBloPoMo posting I’ve ever heard. I am mucho impressed and cannot WAIT to read your stories 🙂

    I’m kind of a stickler for trying to post only wedding-related stuff on my blog, though I guess I sometimes define “wedding-related” a bit loosely, but still. I probably won’t link over here unless you post something at least loosely wedding-related. But seriously, any stories about getting drunk at a wedding? Crashing a wedding? Secretly planning a wedding between you and your grade 5 crush and then he found the paper with your names scrawled together in romantic cursive? I will totally share the linky love.

  2. Sweet!!! 🙂 And I too am guilty of the narcassism of blogging. It’s so deliciously gratifying.

  3. -R-

    I can’t wait! I will try to think of a juicy embarrassing story to share.

  4. My most embarrassing story happened when I was 14. I was on a school trip to a water park, and we had been on a couple of rides, so we were standing around in wet bathing suits, and we were in line for another ride, sitting on this white bench. Unbeknownst to me, I had got my period that morning, and when we stood up I left a big red smear on the bench. And of course, all the kids I was with noticed, and yelled about it, and told everybody else about it (because kids are cruel) ,and not only did I have to shamefacedly walk back to the changing rooms with blood trickling down my legs, but I was never EVER allowed to live it down until I graduated.

    OK, now you HAVE to tell yours…

  5. I’m linking to you. I feel like this is going to be an entertaining month!

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  7. Oof. You are brave. I don’t think I could handle even spending a month THINKING about every horrifying thing that’s ever happened to me, but to WRITE about them, too? To commit them to text? Yeah, you’re brave. But I will happily read as you relive them. 🙂

  8. Ha! I actually posted one of my Two Most Embarrassing Moments today. Yay for making an ass of oneself!

  9. You got your wish, Janssen told her readers to come, and here I am! And I’m super excited about the Queen Mother story!

    I wish I could offer a good red-faced story of my own, but the things I’m embarrassed about don’t make very good stories…I always end up feeling stupid over silly things and not realizing I should be embarrassed over the good stuff.

    And I’m really impressed that you have 30 days worth of embarrassing stories to tell.

  10. I too am here because of Janssen, but you’ve earned my promised return by making me laugh. Thanks.

    Once, I let my cousin punch my arm (I mean REALLY punch it) repeatedly. (This seems so obviously a bad idea when put in writing…) I bruise easily. Then I made the mistake of wearing short sleeves. I think I might actually have made some people ill. There were those who were convinced that watching my bruises’ colors shift and change with time must have provided some form of divining the future. All I know is, I started wearing long sleeves for a long time because, seriously, how do you explain that you were stupid enough to WILLINGLY be a human punching bag?

    And then there was the semester I was snowboarding at least once a week. My bruises on my legs were HORRIBLE but I had a basketball class that I wore school locker-room issued shorts to. People kept guessing car wrecks or horse tramplings…

    So I guess my point is that I TOTALLY understand wanting to hide bruises to avoid awkward questions.

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