Halloween, part one of many

Last night Matt and I had our first opportunity to wear our Halloween costumes at the party at our dance school. Even though the set-up is somewhat similar to a middle school dance (no drinking, but plenty of punch and cake; decorations from the dollar store; party games to get everyone involved) we had a really good time last year, and this year did not disappoint either.

Our costumes were definitely well received, especially since people actually broke into spontaneous applause for us when we walked in the door. We did some good disco moves and boogied the night away as good disco dancers should. Then tomorrow night we’re going to the big party that Matt’s family throws every year. They rent out a hall and there’s a band and a bar – these people know how to party.

Today I am sleepwalking my way through work, as I am an old, decrepit lady who cannot party on a Thursday night anymore, even if said party is over at 11 and said lady is in her bed watching game 2 of the World Series by 11:30. And today I will also be the miserly old lady who does not give out candy to her co-workers’ kids, because I do not believe that children should be at work. Unfortunately, our company disagrees, and actually encourages people to bring their rug-rats little cherubs in for a party and to trick-or-treat. Keep those grubby little hands out of my cubicle, is all I’m sayin’.

Really, it’s not that I have anything against kids, and I think we all know that I have nothing against Halloween… I just really don’t think that it’s reasonable to expect to get work done when there are kids yelling their way through the halls. Kids will be kids, and you can’t expect them to be quiet, but I have stuff to do before I can go enjoy the weekend, and I’d like a little peace and quiet.

Hello. Am Scrooge.

Anyway, have a happy Halloween weekend! I hope it’s groovy.


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