Levity (updated)

Matt is joining a recreational hockey league – he played in high school so he has most of the equipment that he needs, but there were a few things that he needed to get so he stopped at a store on his way home last night.

Matt: So I got a mouth-guard, and some tape, and new blade covers for my skates.

Me: That’s good.

Matt: Oh yeah, and I had to get a new cup, too.

Me: He. He he he he.

Matt: It’s not funny. It’s very important, you know.

Me: Ha ha ha

Matt: Well, it was actually a little funny when I had to ask the guy in the store to help me find them, and I was standing right in front of them. But I didn’t recognize them, because they’re different now than when I was in high school.

Me: ??? Different???

Matt: Yes, apparently there have been some major advances in jock strap technology in the last few years.


Matt: What is so funny?

Me: I’m just picturing some guy receiving an award at his company meeting for “major advances in jock strap technology.” It sounds like a Nobel prize or something.

Matt: You are so weird.


Updated to add: What should you do when your week has been total crap? You should buy these, obviously. Shut up. They were on sale plus I had a coupon. Shut up. I’ve been wanting them for weeks. Just shut up, OK?



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2 responses to “Levity (updated)

  1. Certain things never stop being funny.

  2. Oh, indeed you should buy those, obviously. Want.

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