To the point

This post promises to be a brief recap of my weekend activities. Not because I don’t WANT to spend a lengthy amount of time telling you about my activities, but because I find myself here, at work, where they pay me to do things that are not even slightly related to blogging.

The only problem is that I find myself wholly unmotivated to do anything resembling work today. I would like very much to sleep, or maybe curl up with a good book, or watch some crappy TV – but really, I just want to sleep, because perhaps it is not advisable to stay up until a ridiculous hour on a work night just so you can watch Jonathan Papelbon dance. (Perhaps not advisable, but oh so entertaining. When in HELL did I become a sports fan?)

Anyway. Weekend. Here goes.

Saturday: Errands and shopping (shopping while trying to be be budget-conscious is not tremendously fun… but I had a coupon for Express and really wanted a second pair of the most fabulous jeans evah) followed by shopping for the finishing touches of my Halloween costume (budget-conscious does not count when purchasing white platform shoes – Halloween comes first). Purchase pumpkins to be carved at some point this week. Also pick up and watch Saturday Night Fever as research for your Halloween persona. Suggest to boyfriend that he maybe wants to be a bit selective about which of John Travolta’s moves he tries to imitate. Wine + Red Sox + reading a good book = a good evening.

Sunday:  Brunch with Matt’s family to celebrate his Dad’s birthday. Matt’s sister eats toast and drinks water. Has she mistaken this restaurant for a prison? Hmmm… She is missing out on some good bacon. (Although really, when is bacon not good?) Then we go to see the CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science. Fun! Except for some evil kids running around(who are much too young for the exhibit anyway, should you be watching autopsy footage before you are in kindergarten?) and an old lady who has no sense of personal space, everything is good and the museum is not too crowded. Home. Laundry and cleaning. Reading. Red Sox. Sleep, sweet sleep. The end.



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2 responses to “To the point

  1. -R-

    You know, I am really just not a bacon fan. I don’t hate bacon by any means or anything, but I can take it or leave it. Please don’t hate me!

  2. Dude, that’s how I’ve been feeling about work like every single day. But by tomorrow – Wednesday – I’ll finally be back in the groove.

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