Witches, monsters, and a little kid in a chicken costume holding a sign that said ‘eat beef’.

This Saturday Mat and I went to Salem for a fun day trip. For anyone who missed their history lesson, Salem was the place where the witch trials took place in 1692. It is also one of my absolute favorite places to visit. If you are planning a trip to Boston at any point, I highly recommend a quick detour to Salem.

Even though I love Salem at any time of year, it is understandably insane around Halloween. It was so much fun to see the characters and kids in costume and to go in the shops and walk around looking at the gorgeous old mansions. I just never get tired of going there. I’m also excited because we realized that we should be able to go on Halloween night this year. (It’s hard to go when Halloween is on a weekday, especially now that we moved farther away, but this year Matt can get out of work early enough.)

That might sound like insanity, but it is so much fun. If you have a really good costume the little kids will come up to you and ask to have their picture taken with you. One year in college I was dressed as a fairy princess and all these little girls kept coming up to me – I felt like a celebrity!

Speaking of costumes, we also got our costumes on Saturday on our way home. There’s a shop in the town that Matt grew up in that is both fantastic and reasonably priced so we like to go there. We both found exactly what we needed – the only thing we have left to buy are some shoes for me (preferably white go-go boots – rarrr). Now we just have to perfect our disco dance moves for the party we’re going to.  

On Sunday we did a much needed grocery shopping run and then practiced the art of sloth. Matt was engrossed with football and I was reading so both of us were happy campers.

Unfortunately, the weekend went by far too fast and now it is back to work…



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2 responses to “Witches, monsters, and a little kid in a chicken costume holding a sign that said ‘eat beef’.

  1. Lol @ the art of sloth. I am a master of that particular art form.

  2. This has nothing to do with your post, but I almost licked my computer screen when I saw your masthead. Damn those chocolate chip cookies and their tasty, chocolatey goodness.

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