A new approach

Holy hell, I am going to try this zen-happiness-proud-of-who-I-am thing more often, because GUESS WHAT:

I got a promotion.

I found out late yesterday and I’m pretty darn happy. My actual job responsibilities won’t change (I’ll still be working on the same stuff, but since I recently had a lot of things added to my job description, now I’ll actually get paid to do them!) but my salary and other benefits will. (Hello, bonus!)

Anyway, I guess this whole ‘positivity’ thing pays off sometimes.


I totally don’t care if there’s a million dollars in my desk drawer right now. Totally don’t care at all. I mean, I’m totally fine with it if a million dollars just doesn’t appear in my desk drawer. Really, I’d be perfectly happy with myself even if that didn’t happen.

*opens drawer*

OK, so maybe it’s not a foolproof system…



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3 responses to “A new approach

  1. Congratulations! Hooray for actually getting paid to do things you’re already doing.

    Also, I’ll shall have to try out this system. Just because YOUR drawer didn’t have $1,000,000 in it, doesn’t mean it can’t work on MY drawer.

  2. Congratulations. Perhaps I just need to reach some sort of Zen state about my unemployment and a great job will drop into my lap. Zen is difficult to achieve though when you’ve got bills to pay and no income with which to pay them, so perhaps I will have to stick with this pounding the proverbial pavement thing.

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