N to the J, part 2

Dear Top Seekrit Diary,

This weekend I hung out with my friend Liz. We are like total BFF’s!!! We stayed up late and talked about boys and we went shopping and OMG we tried on the prettiest dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great cuz she is just really cool and we had a cool time and the only thing that wasn’t cool was when I had to leave. I hope that I get to hang out with my BFF again real soon.

Got 2 go,



In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this weekend was amazing. I now know why people think it is OK to live in boring-as-hell suburbs in New Jersey – because when you have great friends, it doesn’t matter where you live. You don’t need cool places to go, because the only place you want to be is wherever you can be hanging out with your friends.

And geez, if you’ll permit me to get a little sappy here for a minute, was it ever surreal to go wedding dress shopping with Liz. That’s wedding dress. Like the thing that you wear when you are getting married. When you become a Mrs. Holy crap. [Um, that’s Mrs. (End sentence.) Holy crap. (A sentence all its own.) Liz’s name will not be Mrs. Holy Crap, although that would be pretty darn cool.]

On another holy crap kind of note, our dresses are pretty awesome. Liz is absolutely stunning in her wedding gown – it is just perfect for her and I bet her dude will feel pretty lucky that he is getting such a hot babe for a wife. I love my dress and am very excited to wear it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the dress is size that starts with F and ends with OUR. This is more because it just happens to hit at a part of my body that is skinny and flow gently over the part of my body that is, ahem, filled with the doughnuts of years past, but still. FOUR. I know the size on the tag doesn’t matter, but isn’t that just what you say when you’re wearing one that’s bigger than you wanted? When you’re wearing an unexpectedly small number what you really want to do with the tag is FRAME IT. Or wear it like a pendant around your neck. Yessss. Anyway, pretty dresses. That was the point.

In all seriousness, I’m struggling to find the words here to express how good this weekend really was. Spending time with Liz made me awestruck that I’ve managed to go for over 7 years without living in the same state as my confidant, my sounding board, my shopping partner. My only hope is that she gets over her burning hatred of winter and moves to Boston after grad school. (Move here. Do it. I will shovel your snow. I will knit you sweaters. I will make you hot cocoa. JUST MOVE HERE. Pretty please?)

There’s more to say – more about growing up and about friendship and about a sudden appreciation for really good road maps that help you find a way to avoid a 14 mile back-up on your long drive home – but it will have to wait until tomorrow, when my Inbox is no longer full and I am not missing my BFF quite as much as I am today.



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2 responses to “N to the J, part 2

  1. Aw you have me missing my BFF now too. I’m *so* jealous of people who live near theirs. Bitches.

    Oh, and FOUR?! Woohoo! I probably actually would take out the tag and frame it. I’m thinking a nice black box frame with a swatch of the dress inside. Too much?

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