I forgot to mention a funny story from last week’s trip to see Wicked. We had parked in a garage near the theater, and like most garages in Boston, this was one where you pay in the lobby before you go to your car. Then before you exit the garage there is a machine that eats your ticket and lets you out. (I think this is pretty common now, right?)

Well we paid and went to my car and and the machine ate the ticket and lifted the bar and then we pulled around the corner to exit the garage… and the gate in front of the exit was going down! It was like something out of 24 and I was half expecting a hijacking except that we weren’t transporting any prisoners or weapons or Jack Bauer so I guess it was just poor timing on the part of whoever puts the gate down to close off that exit.

We sat there for a minute because we didn’t know what to do. There are other exits to the garage, but in order to turn around and go to another exit we would have had to get another ticket and then we would have had no way out at the other exit. I guess we could have gone inside and told the guy to fix our ticket so that we could get back out, but that seemed like a hassle and we kind of assumed that if we sat there for a minute there would be some kind of security camera that would see us and the guy would lift the gate for us.

Eventually we decided that nothing was happening – either there was no security camera or else they didn’t care – and then Matt said, “I see some buttons on the wall over there… I bet they lift the gate!” And so that is how we found ourselves furtively raising the gate, with me quickly pulling the car through to the other side and Matt running under the gate as it closed. Good times.


On Saturday we went to a wedding that was held at the NE Aquarium. It was an interesting venue for a wedding, and actually much  better than expected, although we all learned a valuable lesson: if you are going to have your wedding at an aquarium, check first to make sure it will not be during penguin mating season. Because the ceremony was right near the penguin section… and some of the penguins were, ahem, doing it during the wedding vows. I guess the wedding made them feel romantic.


Yesterday was a complete waste of time, as I found myself with one of the worst times of migraines… the kind that leaves you sweaty and light sensitive and in a lot of pain and – as Matt would say – vomitado. Very, very vomitado. By yesterday evening I was at the point that even the mere thought of water, crackers or food and drink of any kind sent me reeling for the bathroom. That, my friends, is not a good way to feel – when you know that your body needs SOMETHING, anything in its stomach but you just cannot comply. Argh.

The only good thing about a day like that is that once you can finally eat some glorious, wonderful food again, it is the best thing you’ve ever tasted in your entire life. And your head doesn’t hurt anymore and even though you are still shaky and weak from a day spent puking your guts out, this day will be a fabulous one because you aren’t sick anymore.


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  1. My goodness, you poor thing! For all three stories, no less! I’m so glad you’re feeling better, and that you survived the amorous penguins (what a riot!), and that your car didn’t get a bite taken out of it by an unruly parking lot gate.

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