The agony of de-feet.

Apparently it’s been one whole year (plus a day; punctuality is not my strong point) since I started this here little blog. Huh. Can’t really say I thought I’d stick with it, but I’m pretty glad I have. Happy blogoversary to me!

In other news, remember how I bought two pairs of shoes at TJ Maxx last weekend, because I am weak and cannot resist the temptation of shoes that are cute AND less than twenty dollars? I can’t find a picture anywhere, but they made by Nine West, and they are black and they have buckles on them and they are flats… and based on that description you’d think they were pretty comfortable, right? I guess they look kind of like this if you need to know what they look like to assess their comfortable-factor.

Well, I wore them yesterday and they ate my feet. I know I’m abnormally blister-prone and all, but I took precautions! I used blister-block AND put band-aids on my heels and yet those shoes gnawed their way through to feast on my poor delicate feet. Ouch.

Happy Friday!



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2 responses to “The agony of de-feet.

  1. -R-

    Very cute, but I can’t believe the band-aids didn’t stop them from eating your feet!

  2. Liz

    My feet hurt whenever I wear cute shoes too. I always bandage my baby toes because that’s the worst spot. I totally understand your suffering. I’m glad I don’t have to look nice for work because if I couldn’t wear sneakers everyday, I don’t know what I’d do!

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