A Wicked Good Time

Matt and I had the last two days off from work, which of course meant that this morning I returned to Dire! Emergencies! Must! Fix! Now! And then I jumped out the window.

Just kidding.

But I was pretty close.

This morning’s horror was made especially bad by the fact that the last two days were so wonderful. On Tuesday night, Matt and I saw Wicked at the Opera House in Boston. In case I haven’t mentioned it, the tickets were a Christmas gift from Matt. Christmas – as in, the holiday that happened a very long time ago which left me with many months to be very excited about this show.

(Also, I think the way that he gave me the tickets was pretty cute. He gave me a big box of books, one of which was Wicked. When I picked it up, I thought there was a bookmark inside. But no, it was the tickets. Dude is smooth sometimes.)

Anyway, Wickedwas great. We had planned to go out to dinner first, but some insane traffic snarled our plans and left us with not enough time for dinner but enough time for a few drinks at a very snazzy place around the corner from the theater. I was a little sad about not getting my fancy dinner out (Do you know how hard it is to find a nice place to eat for two very picky eaters? Do you? It is HARD.) but as soon as the show started I started grinning like a fool and just couldn’t stop. It was pretty freakin’ amazing.

We had run into some friends of ours in the lobby when we got there and had made plans to find each other afterwards and then go out for some drinks. A friend of our friends suggested the bar in a very fancy hotel (sounds like Bitz-Marlton) around the corner from the theater. Now, when you think of the bar in the Bitz-Marlton… don’t you think of pretty decent service? Would you imagine that it would not take almost half an hour just to get a drink menu? Would you imagine that your wine would come WITHOUT a fruit fly floating in it?

I would too. But we’d both we wrong.

Lest you think that the reason that we got bad service was that we looked like the riff-raff, we were all dressed up and looking like actual grown-ups with actual money to pay for our actual drinks. But we had a really good time despite the bad service, and Matt and I were very glad that we made the decision to take yesterday off from work as we did not get home until much past our usual bedtime.

Yesterday we started the great Halloween costume hunt, and I was surprised to learn that apparently Matt has his heart set on being some kind of 70’s disco couple. Maybe this has to do with the fact that we have been learning a lot of hustle in dance class? Or maybe he suddenly has a burning desire to wear really tight pants. Either way, it is a suggestion I can live with so I guess we’re settled. I do appreciate the suggestions that I received in response to my last post – and I will definitely be hoping for an X-men theme next year!

Sadly, vacation days are over and work emergencies call…



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2 responses to “A Wicked Good Time

  1. Oh MAN, I love Wicked. We saw it in Chicago almost two years ago and it was just so incredible. I’m glad you guys had such a good time.

  2. -R-

    I’m glad you loved Wicked!

    Disco people does sound like a good idea, even if it is just a sad excuse on his part to wear tight pants. =)

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