Please to be making a suggestion for me now.

Do you know how long it takes broken toes to heal? A really freaking long time. Did you know that until said toes are healed, you will spend many hours sitting on your couch with your (gimpy) boyfriend, wondering why you don’t have more friends with fully functioning phalanges?

As you might have guessed, this weekend wasn’t terribly exciting. I felt a vague sense of cabin fever setting in, which luckily was remedied when I took myself shopping on Sunday afternoon. I’m not usually a big fan of department stores or stores with tons and tons of racks and people and hello, claustrophobia, but with a limited budget and a desperate need for some pants that would just FIT ALREADY, I took myself to TJ Maxx and steeled myself to be completely overwhelmed.

(The need for new pants arises from the fact that all of my old ones are too big. Which – YAY! But also, crap, because I have no money for buying new pants. That’s where TJ Maxx, home of the cheap yet also presentable clothing comes in.)

(I am not kidding when I say that I am terrified of department stores. There are just SO MANY THINGS. Also, since there are so many brands you have to lug three different sizes of everything to the dressing room, since you never know which size is going to fit. I had to give myself a little pep talk before going in. Luckily, the TJ Maxx in my area is large, and – as stores of that variety go – not too dungeon-like.)

It took me a ridiculously long time to find some presentable pants. I think I was in that store for over 3 hours. And I made at least 7 trips to the dressing room. But finally, I made my way home with 4 new pairs of nice looking work pants and without too large a dent in my wallet.

(OK, so I also bought two pairs of shoes. But they were less than 20 bucks per pair so really, CAN YOU BLAME ME? I have a weakness, I know. There should really be a 12 step program.)

Anyway, enough about that. What I also realized this weekend is that we are quickly approaching the month of October, and do you know what happens in October? Only the BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR!!!

I know, I know, Halloween is for kids… but that has not stopped Matt and I from getting some really awesome costumes for the last few years. We won first place in the costume party at one party we went to last year, but were totally gipped at Matt’s family’s party. (Seriously, the fact that they throw a huge Halloween party every year is not the only reason I love them, but it is very high up there on the list.)

The problem is that we cannot agree on what to be this year. This is where you come in, with your wisdom and suggestions and pretty hair. (If I flatter you, you’ll help me, right?) Here are our requirements:

  • Needs to be some kind of theme that will work for a couple.
  • Needs to be manly enough that he will agree to wear it. (He is a really good sport and loves Halloween as much as I do… but he will still not wear any costume requiring him to wear tights. He will especially like any costume that allows him to carry a (fake) weapon.)
  • Needs to be girly enough that I will like it. (It doesn’t need to be uber-girly… but I am not interested in dressing up as a barnyard animal, for instance.)

What do you think? The past few years we have been a Gunslinger and a Saloon Girl, a Mobster and a Flapper, and Pirates. My suggestions this year (Cinderella and Prince Charming; Elvis and Marilyn) have been met with complete disdain on his part. But I can’t exactly say I loved his suggestions either (Ketchup and Mustard was the worse one).

What ideas do you have??



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6 responses to “Please to be making a suggestion for me now.

  1. Toes: Approx. 3 months. (also known as for-fricken-ever…)

    Shopping: Yay! And Jealousy! My TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross are on the lower end of their spectrum (they actually have stores that sell more or fewer nicer brands) so aren’t quite so well stocked.

    Costumes: What about a Spanish explorer and his Queen (I’m thinking like “The Fountain” movie with Hugh Jackman, mmmm) which gets you manly-man and girly-girl at the same time. Or in a same movie related theme, Priest and Nun (or sexy witch might be fun)? Or John Smith and Pocahontas? I’m just full of ideas…

  2. Liz

    You should definitely be Hugh Hefner and a one of his bunnies. Or Danny and Sandy (not that I watched that reality show or anything…).

  3. SalemHouse

    How about those comics favorites, Calvin & Hobbes? Calvin has an easy costume (striped shirt, maybe a newspaper hat) and can carry a blaster gun. Hobbes’ costume could be made a bit more feminine than usual (think Fredericks of Hollywood rather than barnyard/stuffed animal).

  4. Ooh, does he like the Xmen movies? Wolverine and Jean Gray? That one might be fun.

    Not for me though. My costume will consist of my party-pooper pyjamas. My evening will go something like this:

    1. Buy candy at store
    2. Rent movie
    3. Go home and dress up (um, down?) in pyjamas
    4. Turn off all the lights and pretend I’m not home
    5. Watch movie and eat candy. Ignore doorbell. Blow off the phone.

    I hate Hallowe’en, can you tell? Or rather, I hate all the regular festivities. I love the leftover candy and the excuse to veg out on the couch watching a movie and pretending I’m not home, which is MY Hallowe’en tradition. I hate dressing up in costumes. HATE. But I hope everyone else has fun with theirs, just don’t peer pressure me into joining the party dammit. Because I’ll still stay home, but then I’ll just feel like a loser about it!

  5. First of all, I say you deserve two pairs of shoes for braving TJ Maxx. I feel your pain there – the total paralyzing overwhelmingness of it all.

    Second, I like the Hef/bunny idea. One of my students told me that I should be Velma from Scooby Doo, so I’ll suggest Fred and Daphne for you two. Or maybe Han Solo and Princess Leia? There could be a blaster for him and PL is an instantly recognizable costume for you – white dress, dark wig pinned up into buns. (Or your own hair? I don’t know what kind of hair you have.) Plus LOTS of 80s-quality shiny lip gloss.

  6. If your boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of going as Elvis, maybe you could go as Marilyn and Joe Dimaggio. Then he’d get to be a baseball player. Or JFK would work too. Ooh, JFK and Jackie. That would be a fun, girly costume.

    I have to second Fred and Daphne. Friends of mine did that costume and it was simple and cute. She already had a purple dress so she just needed a green scarf and a red wig. If you don’t already have a purple dress I bet you could find one cheap at TJ Maxx!

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