Now that’s entertainment!

The channels, they are plentiful. My perpetually dorky self is already addicted to the National Geographic Channel and the Science Channel, while my inner teenager/Valley girl/moron is in love with the Style Network and Fox Reality. (Late yesterday afternoon I wrote a very complicated work-type document while watching an hour and a half of Blind Date. Do not tell me that you don’t love Blind Date, because I will know that you are a LIAR.)

In an attempt to not completely and totally rot my mind, Matt and I went to our town’s public library for the first time on Saturday. We’ve never gone before because I was completely convinced that it would suck. Our town is a little strange in that it is really big and very diverse, meaning that there are really nice areas with giant mansion-type homes, areas with decent, safe-but-not-extravagent neighborhoods (like ours), and then there is the ghetto (also known as the center of town but we call it the ghetto, for reasons that need no further explanation). All the things like the town hall and library seem to be in the exact middle of the ghetto, where there is no parking and some wanna-be thugs (there are no actual thugs, as this is a suburban ghetto afterall) so I generally try to avoid this area.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that not only is the library located on a pretty quiet side street, but there is a free parking structure next to it. And the best part – the library is huge and very nice, with a great selection. Also, using it will make me feel like I am getting something back from the gazillions of tax dollars that I pay.

The very absolute best part of visiting the library this Saturday though, was that they were having a huge book sale. Books! For 50 cents! This is my own personal heaven. As people walked out of the sale area with their books in stacks of twos and threes, I quickly amassed a pile that filled 5 bags to the brim…. and came home with 48 new books to add to my ever-expanding collection.

Sunday was spend rearranging my bookshelves, digging bookends out of the attic, and trying to figure out how in hell I was going to make everything fit. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to rearrange everything by genre and author, and then strategically use other surfaces (fireplace mantles, top of armoir, top of bookshelf in the basement, window-sill) to hold books that wouldn’t fit in the (stuffed to the absolute brim) bookshelves in the living room.

Of course, now you can see why it is complete torture to be stuck here at work while there are piles of books and hundreds of channels just begging to be read/watched. What’s a girl to do?



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2 responses to “Now that’s entertainment!

  1. Forty-eight lovely new books waiting at home for you? Sounds like a sick day is in order. . . 🙂

  2. -R-

    Whoa – that is a lot of books. Did you pick out favorites or just books that looked like they might be good?

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