Yesterday I got an e-mail from Liz saying that she had this ‘crazy idea’ that we could meet up in NJ on Columbus Day weekend.

Crazy idea?

I say – freaking spectacularly awesome idea!

Less than 4 hours later, her plane tickets were booked and I was hoping that maybe it could hurry up and be October 4th already.

We’re going to have some nice girl-time, which promises to be full of gossip, shopping, and bitching about, well, everything. (We are incredibly good at being bitchy. It’s a talent.) The main purpose of the trip is to do some wedding dress shopping for Liz, now that she has a wedding date and all. I think that this is going to be pretty fun, especially when I make her try on a dress that looks like this.


I have a feeling that she might retaliate though so I better be prepared to try on some butt-ugly bridesmaid dresses.

Like, say, this one


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  1. It’s the white stockings and black sandals that really make Tina a classic.

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