I have to tell you something.

I am a camel.

Or possibly a cactus.

At least when it comes to my water consumption I am.

I almost never drink water. I would say that I never drink it except that there are those very rare times that I will have a glass of water, but then it has to be REALLY cold and it should preferably be tap water. I know. I am a complete freak.

Most of my liquid consumption comes from coffee, unsweetened iced tea, watered down Gatorade, or lemonade flavored Crystal Light. Oh, and the occasional Diet Doctor Pepper (love). (And of course, wine, but I don’t think of that so much as a beverage as ambrosia. You understand.)  I don’t get people who cannot go ANYWHERE without their water bottle, and then they drink warm water all day. Warm! Blech!

Of course, the fact of the matter is that I don’t like anything warm. Or room temperature. (Except coffee of course.) I like ICE. Lots of it. In our freezer we have 6 ice cube trays and believe me when I tell you that I rotate through them very quickly. Maybe I just don’t drink things fast enough and they get warm before I finish them? I don’t know what causes it but I know I love my ice.

Because I am a desert creature when it comes to fluid intake, I also almost never have to pee. (I am an excellent person to take on car trips.) I never thought about it until one time many years ago when Liz pointed it out to me.  Of course, we shouldn’t listen to her because that woman ALWAYS has to pee. Always. When we were in NJ she actually questioned whether she should have a (small!) coffee because then she might have to make a pit stop on the way to the beach. People: the beach was less than 45 min away. I know! I guess between the two of us we could make one normal person who ‘goes’ a normal amount.

(When did this entry become about pee?)

Anyway, the only reason I thought of this is that for some reason I have been completely parched today. Is this was normal people feel like? I’ve been drinking stuff all day, and I actually resorted to buying a bottle of water just now. WHAT THE HELL?

And of course, now I have to pee. Great.



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2 responses to “I have to tell you something.

  1. Liz

    I need my three liters a day and that definitely makes me have to pee. But peeing is good.

  2. I drink lots of water – I have always drank at least 1 or 2 glasses a day but I ramped that amount up significantly in January when I started trying to lose some weight. Drinking lots of water, oddly, helps reduce water retention. Which means I pee a lot. Oh well. Gives me a break from my boring-a$$ work. (You must REALLY hate your job when you’re happy to go to the bathroom because it represents a break, no?)

    Anyway I’m actually commenting to say 2 things:

    1. Drinks loaded with caffeine do not count as “fluid consumption” because they are diuretics!! And dude, how do drinks like diet soda and coffee not make you need to pee? This is curious to me, because I sympathise with your friend who needs to avoid coffee in case she’ll have to make a pit stop. I once made the mistake of drinking a small cup of coffee just before setting out on a long car trip, and I kid you not, I had to stop THREE TIMES in the space of 2 hours. The fact that I had 3 passengers made this highly embarrassing and they still tease me about it. I do not drink coffee anymore when I take road trips.

    2. Ewww @ watered-down Gatorade. That is all.

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