Because I think it is important to have goals in life.

Goals for this glorious Labor Day weekend:

  1. Finish reading Wicked, because my self-imposed limit of 50 pages per day was shot to hell yesterday when I just couldn’t stop reading. I only have a little bit left to read and I need to know what happens.
  2. Get home before Matt tonight so he won’t be the one to haul inside the box of shoes that I ordered online the other night. Then, put them in with existing shoes in the hopes that he will not notice that there are new pairs in the mix. Have you met my new friend Endless yet? He is cheap and easy, which are good qualities to find in a website.
  3. Figure out how to survive on 2 granny smith apples, mustard, coke zero, and a few slices of (moldy) cheddar cheese, because those are the only things in our refrigerator and I hate grocery shopping. Plus, the deal is that usually I will do the grocery shopping if Matt will bring everything inside and put most of it away. I suppose it would be mean of me to make him do that when he can barely even walk (the toes, alas, are still broken and still painful).
  4. Convince Matt that he would love nothing more than to see The Nanny Diaries with me. This also involves convincing him that it’s not a chick flick.
  5. Get my Wii age down to a more respectable number. (At least it’s down from where it was when I started, which was seventy-freaking-nine.)

Have a great 3-day weekend!


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One response to “Because I think it is important to have goals in life.

  1. If that cheese wasn’t moldy, I think I could do it–sure there’s no peanut butter around? Then I’d be set!

    Hope you’re having a lovely long weekend 🙂

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