Weekend Recap via Haiku

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum
Matt Damon is hot
And I love movie popcorn
Neighbors have a yappy dog
Bark bark bark all night
I hate them so freaking much
Wine makes everything better
Especially when
Combined with Nintendo Wii
Sunday we cleaned our pigsty
Laundry and errands
And then we watched Zodiac
I started reading Wicked
In preparation
Of seeing the musical
Now sadly it is Monday
I am back at work
Someone bring me more coffee


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3 responses to “Weekend Recap via Haiku

  1. Awesome post for a Monday
    I like Matt Damon too
    Sounds like a superb weekend

  2. -R-

    Was Zodiac any good?

    I think those are reverse haikus. Isn’t a haiku 5-7-5? Or am I just crazy?

  3. Crap, they are reverse Haikus. Apparently I am getting really senile. Or, it’s Monday and I wasn’t awake yet. I knew something seemed wrong. (Also, I couldn’t get WordPress to space it correctly so it looks like a big blog. I tried a bunch of times and then gave up.)

    Zodiac was pretty good. It was looong – like 2 1/2 hours – but it held my attention which is saying a lot since I am not big on movies in general. I wish I knew more about the actual story before I watched the movie. I think it would have made a lot more sense if I had.

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