High Intrigue

Last night I got home from work around 6:30; I arrived to a boyfriend who had his heart set on playing a game that we rented for the new Wii. We headed downstairs but we couldn’t figure out how to make the two player option work so we headed upstairs (around 7:30) to our office/computer room to try to make Google solve the problem. (The game is WarioWare, it turns out that the 2 player option doesn’t unlock until someone has played the game, and it also turns out that the creators of this game were on drugs. Like LOTS of drugs because there is no way someone was coming up with this shit without some kind of hallucinations.)

One of the windows in the office looks out directly over the driveway/front yard, and when we glanced out that window both of us reacted with the same phrase: What the hell? Except that hell was not the word used.

The reason for our profanity was the car parked directly in the middle of the front lawn. Do you think I am exaggerating?


I realize that this picture really sucks (also, please ignore the white trash broken basketball hoop, it was like that when we moved it and it wasn’t exactly high on the list of things to do/fix) but it’s still clear that this is not OK, right? (Oh, I don’t know if you can see it, but that’s Matt standing by the car, looking in to see if there is anything in there.)

Also, here is a helpful diagram that I did in about 30 seconds in MS paint so excuse the fact that it is crappy:


After we cursed a lot, we decided to go over to our neighbors and ask politely if they knew what was going on. (In case you don’t know, we live in a duplex, and I really don’t like the people who live on the other side. We also share the driveway with the other house that you see on the diagram, but that yard area is our property.) The woman who lives there answered the door and said she had no idea who the car belonged to. I was surprised because they have done some pretty stupid stuff in the past (too lazy to link, but there are some posts about it around here somewhere) but we said OK and headed over to the other house.

The people in the other house were just as annoyed as we were and since they are very quiet and nice and not at all like our other asshat neighbors we had never suspected them in the first place. However, there is an older woman who lives there who I know keeps an eye on everything that goes on (nosy nosy) so I thought she might have seen something. And sure enough, she swore that she had seen the person from the car go into the asshat neighbor’s house.

At this point Matt and I didn’t really know what to do, but I was definitely conjuring images of what might lurk in the car. (Bodies in the trunk! Clearly I have seen a few too many episodes of Law and Order.) We went back to our house and tried to figure out the best approach. We had been talking the whole time about calling the police but we weren’t sure if we should do that. We were also pretty sure that our neighbors were lying but we didn’t really know how to handle that.

Then we figured, let’s go over to our neighbor’s and tell them that since they don’t know who the car belongs to, and the other neighbors don’t either, we’re going to call the police. That way, either they have to admit that they lied, or they are going to have to figure out what to do when the police get there. We assumed they’d play dumb and admit it once we went over there, but instead they were all, “Yeah, sure you can call the police.” So I did.

I called the non-emergency number and the woman who answered kept asking me if the car was parked on the lawn. Yes, it is, that’s what I said the first two times. I gave her the license plate number of the car and she said someone would be out in a few minutes.

Matt and I sat in the living room, waiting for either someone to go out to the car or for the police to arrive, when we saw the headlights of the car go on. We were out the door in about 2 seconds, but the car was already speeding down the driveway too fast for us to see much. We had no idea where the people came from, but it looked like two guys in the car.

The police dude came about 2 minutes after that, talked to us quickly, said he had run the plates and that we should report anything else that happened. He was so bored with the whole thing that he was yawning while talking to us. Thanks. I feel safe now.

So basically, there are two options here:

1. Our neighbors lied to us, they definitely knew who the car belonged to, and for whatever reason they think it is perfectly acceptable to tear up the lawn and lie to us. This makes sense because they have done asshole things before (including letting people park on the grass, although not usually in the direct center of that part of the lawn) and because it was pretty suspicious timing that the car had been there for over 2 hours but as soon as we told them we were calling the police it was out of there. Hmmm.

2. There really was a strange car parked there and no one knows why or who it belonged to. Someone was trespassing on our property for an unknown purpose. This might be true because our neighbors seemed like they were telling the truth when they said they didn’t know who it belonged to.

Now, if it seems like I am overreacting, think about how either of those options would make you feel. Either we are living next to people who would pull an asshole stunt and then lie about it, or some creep was on our property without our permission. Neither is appealing and I feel perfectly justified in calling the police and making a report. I’m pissed and to be perfectly honest, I’m a little freaked out.

This is probably the longest and most rambling post in blog history, but I feel the need to publish anyway. Hopefully you can see past the mudane details to realize that it was quite the interesting night in our household as the neighbor-saga continues (I think. Unless they were telling the truth.)

Any advice on what we should/could do? I don’t think there is much, but you can be damn sure I’ll be buying some flood-lights this weekend.



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3 responses to “High Intrigue

  1. Liz

    That’s pretty freaky actually. It’s just got to be your neighbors. They’re so weird.

  2. -R-

    I think it is your neighbors too. Flood lights sound like a good solution!

  3. allthepretties

    You bought that house, right? So its a duplex and you own only half, right? So, is it more like a condo?
    Here, you buy the whole duplex and rent out the other half. Either way, that totally sucks and its so sad that you have crap neighbors.
    NOBODY should be parking ON YOUR GRASS. Over and over again. They suck and they should keep in mind that Karma is a bitch.
    At least you got the plates, huh?

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